The West Wing

FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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@Jim mentioned a few lunches ago that he's been re-watching The West Wing, so I figured what the hell, if it's good enough for Jim, it's good enough for me. Only 6 episodes deep, but I'm already all in. It's definitely cheesy at times, but overall it's a surprisingly fun show with a lot of heart. Three big things so far:
  1. President Martin Sheen is a lot crazier than I expected. Of the few clips I had seen on YouTube he was just measured and clever. But good God, not even half way through the first season and he's already using fire and brimstone bible talk when referring to blowing his enemies up. This guy fucks.
  2. This show has a murderers' row for it's supporting cast. Fun to see Dule Hill and Elisabeth Moss in their salad days.
  3. Rob Lowe is still Rob Lowe, but not near as Nicolas Cagey as he's been as of late (I'm telling you, watch at least a few clips of him in 9-1-1: Lonestar. That show is fucking bonkers.). I would be interested to hear how much of his character in West Wing made it into Parks and Rec.


  • I'm guessing this is your first time watching the show? 

  • It’s so good to get a fresh perspective @Freddy. This show was especially good for the time and place it took place. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas

    I'm guessing this is your first time watching the show? 

    Yes sir. Pretty sure the only thing I've seen before actually watching it was the scene where President Martin Sheen is quoting bible verses to the leader of the anti gay Karens.
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