Tales from the Loop

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Have you ever thought to yourself "gee, what we need is an anthology TV series based on a series of paintings of mundane suburban landscapes, except the paintings also have weird robot shit and/or sci-fi buildings off in the background?". Or, "what would a show be like if you smashed a version of The Romanovs that was actually good into random incongruous Aperture Science doo-dads and interiors from the video game Portal"? 

Wish and wonder no more! I'm really digging it so far.

Except why is it supposed to take place in Ohio? Saskatchewan looks nothing like Ohio. I'm distracted for like 5 minutes every time they have a landscape shot. Why not film it in Ontario? Or, you know, set it in Saskatchewan.


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    The artist is Simon Stålenhag, btw. 

  • Wow you kind of sold me on giving the show a shot.  I've always enjoyed that artist's paintings. The most intriguing part is not why you like the Romanovs, but how is Tales from the Loop similar to it?
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    The most intriguing part is not why you like the Romanovs, but how is Tales from the Loop similar to it?
    Small but intense emotional vignettes between two or a small number of people that are somewhat fantastical, bittersweet and sometimes tragic. Except, unlike the Romanovs, it's well written and affecting. 
    edit: at least the first three and a half episodes. Haven't gotten past that. 
  • I will say I'm kind of bummed by the score. I was intrigued when I saw the paintings the show is premised on, but what actually got me to watch it was OMG MOTHERFUCKING PHILLIP GLASS IS DOING THE MUSIC, like it was going to be a TV show with Koyaanisqatsi or Einstein on the Beach playing in the background, which would be just bonkers. Alas it's more like someone clearly referencing Phillip Glass' style in otherwise conventional non-Phillip Glass music, except in this case it's Phillp Glass referencing himself in otherwise conventional non-Phillip Glass music. 

    Maybe someone will get Terry Riley, or John Adams, or Meredith Monk to score a TV show?
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