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I use Hulu for live TV so I can't get AMC or the AMC app. Is the new season of Saul worth paying for on iTunes or Amazon? Or just wait until it hits Netflix?


  • Can’t you get a free trial for a month? The season is over in 2 weeks. So you can catch up and then watch the final 2 episodes real time then cancel it. 
  • fidozfidoz Houston
    BCS has weird distribution rights so even AMC is only allowed to keep them for 5 weeks. Plus AMC premium won't let you buy their app unless you are part of certain television providers and Hulu isn't one of them. Someone on another board suggested getting a VPN b/c new eps are available on netflix UK weekly. 
  • Yep. I can confirm that’s how i watch mine. I’m SG they are weekly on Netflix as well. But only do a month of VPN or make sure they have a money back guarantee that they can get around Netflix VPN Geo blocking software. You don’t want to lock yourself into a VPN for a year then find out it doesn’t even work on Netflix. 

    ExpressVPN is expensive but it works for me. I can access US Netflix but only on the computer. 
  • I think it's worth it, I've bought every season on Amazon to watch as it came out.  The season in standard def is only something like $20.  But, of course, if there's no pressing need to keep up with the show you could always wait and save some money.
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Definitely worth it. Outside of purchasing a show, I think VPN is a good idea for a lot of reasons. There's the security aspect. And then I've saved a lot of money on airline tickets, for example, because the airlines can't "see" me as a past searcher/buyer of a flight and therefore hide the better deals.

    I use NORD VPN and it's not that costly if you pay for a year.
  • fidozfidoz Houston
    I just went ahead and purchased it through iTunes. Ended up costing me less than $10 more than if I had bought AMC premium for the run of the season. I'm through 5 eps so far and it's great. The charging cable Mike montage scene killed me. 
    Chinaskiken hale
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