Best Show BM Has Covered and Best Podcast BM Has Done

The Bald Move 10 year anniversary thread got me all nostalgic and thinking through all the shows they've covered over the years.  There have been the exciting "YES they're going to cover my favorite show!" and the equally entertaining "Well, I guess I'll keep watching that show just for the podcast..." type of series.

My question to you all is what is the Best/Your favorite show Bald Move has covered?
And what is the best Bald Move podcast "series" on a show?

The quality of the TV show does not have to be a factor to make your favorite BM podcast.
Here are my picks:

Best TV Show - The Leftovers 
I only began watching this show due to them announcing they were going to cover this as a "half-assed cast" and I think we all were blown away with what this show turned out to be.  It's a shame it never got the audience it deserved.

Best Podcast - Game of Thrones
It's obvious so much work was put in to these podcasts.  Remember the separate spoilore podcasts that were released where A.Ron did fan theories and speculation solo?  But besides the work and research put in to this series, it was obvious the guys had a great time watching and discussing the show until the season that shall not be named.  Lots of classic hilarious Bald Move moments.



  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited April 2020
    Best show they covered:  The Leftovers, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad
    Best podcast:  same

  • Definitely not best show or podcast, but something has to be said about The Walking Dead.  From the first to last podcasts, the arc of their coverage was a narrative journey unto itself that saw some of Jim and Aron's best/funniest comments and observations in BM history.
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    I'll go with the obvious, The lLeftovers. it was terrific as was the BM podcasts that went with it. i'm also a fan of Fargo and enjoyed the guys' coverage.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Best Show - The Leftovers
    I only watched this because of how effusive they were about it on the Baldies and that first year and it placing above some shows that shocked me (it beat True Detective S1 I think?) for some random HBO show I'd never heard of. This is very special and I wish everything could have an arc of getting better every season

    Best Podcast - Game of Thrones / The Leftovers
    I don't really feel like I can pick. GoT was an obsession for the first six seasons and this podcast was a huge part of that. There were a billion GoT podcasts out there but the three BM casts were what I looked forward to every week and anything else I was listening to went on pause as soon as any of these came out. It's such a shame GoT fucked up the last couple seasons so badly.

    For the Leftovers I don't know if I would have enjoyed that show anywhere near as much without the podcast if I ever watched it at all. Their energy and level of depth and analysis for a show that rewards as much of that as you can put in helped me enjoy it at that level where I would have never tried to engage with it in that way on my own. There are a lot of shows I don't think benefit from that kind of analysis but it elevated The Leftovers to one of my favorite shows ever.
  • You just can't match the depth they brought to Game of Thrones, with different "Spoilore" podcasts for each episode and a ton of insight into both the show and the novels.  That's their best podcast.

    The best show they've covered?  Probably Leftovers.  They were onto that early.
  • Best show: Breaking Bad, The Leftovers, Boardwalk Empire
    Best podcast: they put a lot of work into the True Detective ones and it really showed. It's a great companion for the show. Same is true for the Westworld podcast, I found the podcast often more interesting than the show. The Halt and Catch Fire podcast also has a special place in my heart, I really love that show and I thought that Eric and Jim worked really great as a team as well!
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    So many. So, so many.

    I think best show they've covered, dammit.....Game of Thrones. Warts and all, there has never been anything like it on TV. Leftovers, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men are all right there in contention but personally the highs of GoT overall outweigh it's lowest of lows.

    Best coverage they've done is obviously Riverdale. Er wait, maybe that was two other guys.
  • edited April 2020
    Best show they've covered to me has to go to Leftovers followed by Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones will probably forever be my favorite TV series but The Leftovers is what I consider the best TV series I've watched.

    Best coverage is extremely difficult because their coverage of Game of Thrones was amazing. They are easily my go to podcasters for any show they cover but their level of coverage on Game of Thrones was top notch.

    Also I think The Leftovers needs to get some recognition as well. The amount of little things throughout the episodes that they picked up on and brought to light made those podcasts a high priority to listen to. There were tons of religious metaphors and similarities that I would have never known anything about. 

    Another note to this category of best coverage I feel has to go to Mr. Robot because of similar reasons. Their knowledge with computers and coding brought to light a side of that show that I never would have known about. Sure there was TOTTDAB but aside from that their coverage of Mr. Robot was amazing. 

  • Mofojones333Mofojones333 Fort Worth, Texas
    Game of thrones. Aron was so into it. He knew so much about all the history and lore. The podcast is what turned me into a club member.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    One I'm proud of the most is The Leftovers. Always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone watched it because of an us.

    And man, I feel like we got robbed on Game of Thrones. Imagine a universe in which GRRM kept writing and the DD's nailed it. The SpoiLores we could have had together!

    But I think the golden age of TWD is hard to beat in terms of fun factor.
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    One I'm proud of the most is The Leftovers. Always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone watched it because of an us.
    i watched it cause of you guys so shout out. and it was a few years after it was done too. it was super rad to watch a few eps and then listen to your coverage on it. you can just hear the passion and excitement from you guys episode after episode (esp S2). i'd be blown away by an episode and instantly think 'man! can't wait to hear J&A's thoughts!!'. since, i've watched the show 3x.
  • One I'm proud of the most is The Leftovers. Always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone watched it because of an us. 
    I watched it because of you guys too and it became my favorite show of all time with a bullet. So thank you for that! 
  • The Leftovers and The Leftovers.
  • Best show Breaking Bad
    best podcast TWD just because of the journey, cooking with carol, and the eventually hatred at the end
  • Add me to the list that watched The Leftovers only because of how much you guys raved and referenced it in other podcasts. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Me three. Kept hearing about The Leftovers, and once @Murderbear  guided me past the awful “shooting the dog” scene in the first episode I was hooked. The podcast provided insights, humor, observations on religion, and an occasional mini-tinfoil theory. Loved it all. I wish I could Eternal Sunshine my mind and do it again. 
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