2 of the same exact thing but one difference which do you prefer?

HatorianHatorian Dagobah
edited April 2020 in General
So the idea is you have essentially the same product but they have 1 difference between them that you have a fierce loyalty to. 

I’ll start. Sandals/flip flops. The clothe or plastic holder between your big toe and next toe.

i am huge clothe/fabric. I don’t get why stores seem to only be stocking plastic versions now. They are so uncomfortable and makes skin irritations easier


  • calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina
    Writing pens. Most are either cap or clicky top. I prefer the cap pens because I like the act of taking the cap off and securing it to the other end. 
  • I can't wear flip flops with the thing between your toes at all, I find it so uncomfortable. Slides only for me.

    Clicky pens only because I either lose the cap for cap pens or chew them up. 

    Playstation vs Xbox controller arrangement. I can't use the PS arrangement to save my life. It feels so awkward. 
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