100 Humans, Sociology Experiment Series (especially episode 4 on biases)

Hi everybody.
Has anyone else watched 100 Humans on Netflix? I think it's a really interesting series. In essence they got 100 people of a wide range of make-ups (gender split 50/50, various races, sexual orientation, ages, etc.) and perform tests to get at an assortment of conclusions in the sociological realm. I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I actually think that episode 4 that deals with biases is incredibly enlightening. I would definitely encourage people to watch at least that episode. Especially in the current climate, I think it's a good thing to spend the ~40 minutes with. It's the heaviest of the ones I've seen by far and if the concept suits you, but it feels like a lot to take in they also have done episodes about age groups, a "battle of the sexes," and an episode about attraction which were fun and lighter fare.
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