Keaton making a return as batman

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I’m intrigued by the idea of Keaton returning as he was the batman I grew up with. Of course this is the WB/DC universe so I’ll hold my breath that it’ll be good.


  • Saw this on Facebook. Would be pretty cool. Hope DC can turn things around for the premiere characters. I mean it’s been a decade since we have had a good Batman movie. 
  • rhcooprhcoop Knoxville, Tn
    This could be cool as they are using this Flash movie to introduce the idea of the Multiverse to movie audiences.  

    I have read rumors that Keaton will be playing more of a Batman Beyond version of the character versus the more gritty future version in Dark Knight Returns.

    that could be interesting that is a great version of the Batman costume if he is actually the one running around in it and not being the mentor to a younger protege. 

    I'm cautiously optimistic, just depends on the story. 

    The real question is if Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the Thomas Wayne version of Batman from the Flashpoint comic as well.  
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