Rick & Morty

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I cant get enough of this. Maybe just my sense of humour, but this series has had me bursting out laughing so much.

  It's a cartoon which might put some people, off, but I think this is some of the best TV comedy out there, it's dry as hell , brutal and only one season in with a S2 out this summer.

 Figured i'd throw it out there if anyone else is loving it, or even good cartoons in general, like South Park is basically satire  and has some moments of brilliance at times. I dont think there's a thread on this topic yet 

http://www.adultswim.com/videos/rick-and-morty Rick & Morty do a Simpsons intro here

If you like to laugh it's 20 minutes and IMDB give 9.2/10 so it's not bad



  • Anatomy Park is great too! Also, the one with David Cross and the Virtual Reality is gold

    Love this show. Always watching episodes on VOD
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    Just figured i'd share this, legal and free episode from the  network that produces rick and morty, I love good grown up stuff like  South Park, Archer, Family Guy , Bojack , Mr Pickles etc but i think Rick & Morty is the funniest out of them and a lot of toying around with high concept sci fi stuff,  that i'd think Bald Move fans will like , check it out

  • My buddy was just telling me that I had to try this show out yesterday. It's officially added to the list.

  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    @Travis Yeh I don't want to beat the drum too hard but a buddy of mine made me watch it, it's got alot of hype and word of mouth recs but it's justified and one of the best IMO. 
  • @FlashGordon Totally, man. Plus, Community bought Dan Harmon a lot of credit with me. I think the only thing is that I always forget that there are great animation shows to check out. I've been meaning to give Bob's Burgers a look for quite a while too, but I just always forget. That's part of why I'm grateful for this thread. It the second recommendation that hopefully locks it into my brain.

  • The meek sees episode is awesome. Definitely top 3 for me.
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