A weird request for anyone who has Le Creuset or Chasseur

DeeDee Adelaide
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Okay, so I have an odd request for anyone here who has either a Le Creuset or Chasseur Dutch oven or shallow casserole. I have a teeny tiny oven and I want a Dutch oven but I’m not sure it will fit. 

If you have one of these brands of pot and you would be willing to assist, could you please tell me the size of your pot (24 cm, 26 cm etc) and the height from bottom of the pot to the top of the little knob on the lid? 

If you have a shallow casserole - the standard 30 cm one or smaller - could you tell me the width measurement from end to end including handles? 

Thank you kindly. 


  • As you can tell, my dutch oven is VERY loved.  :)  Its a 28, 6.7 litre
    I hope I am measuring it correctly....I don't use metric very often LOL
    Diameter: 28.5 cm , 36 cm with handles
    Ht: 13.5 cm, 18 cm  with lid and knob

    Hope that helps! 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Thank you, @JSDCA, that is very helpful! 
  • Colloquialisms can be regional and don't always travel, but in Canada a "Dutch oven" refers to something entirely different :)
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