If you like Apollo 13

I highly recommend the BBC World Service podcast 13 Minutes to the Moon. It chronicles the Apollo 11 and 13 missions in a play-by-play style using original radio traffic and the accounts of astronauts and mission control staff. The host worked for NASA and made great use of the agency’s oral history project.  
Teresa from ConcordMurderbear


  • Also recommended: the miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon" on HBO, which covers the Apollo program and was produced by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.
  • I seriously recommend this.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPu-Nvm2yxUoyDWKyjvjdzKDBzGVwGX08

    This playlist contains the 6 hours of actual communication among the whole Houston flight crew, as well as the communication between Houston and the spacecraft.  This is more intense than the Movie - but you will here some phrases that the Movie used verbatim.  There is a particularly tense timeframe about 3 1/2 hours after the accident where Houston can not communicate with the spacecraft because a “25 second” data upload ended up causing a 30 minute loss of contact at the time Houston was needing to tell the crew what to do in order to save the most power and water.  
  • And... if you are really interested, this playlist has the entire mission recording (takeoff to splashdown).  This audio unfortunately does not contains the flight directors loop, just the communication between Houston and the crew.  

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