Star Trek TV Watch Strategies

I've never comprehensively rewatched TNG or DS9, and I know I never "completed" either of them the first time. 

Does anyone have an episode watch guides they like?  Currently I've been using my idea to watch anything with an episode rating of 7.5 or higher on IMDB - though I'm worried that IMDB can be brigaded and have ratings artificially lowered..... 


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Seems like a reasonable approach to me. Although I love watching the bad ones because they're kind of enjoyable in an eyerolling kind of way, and even some of the worst have something interesting going on in the B or C plots. - This breaks it down with individual episode ratings, the ones they think fans will enjoy, and a minimal "essentials" episodes guide. I think their essential episodes are pretty good, but bare bones. Even their "watch/skip" skips a lot of episodes I think are worth watching. "Naked Now" from season 1 is goofy and a lot of fun. But it's a pretty solid list.

    Den of Geek also has one, but I don't really agree with their choice of 25 "essential" episodes of DS9.

  • Hard to think you could pare DS9 down to only 25 essential episodes. 
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