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kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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Looking for some food chat?

I have been noticing a number of food trucks featuring Birria tacos. There is one near Knotts Berry Farm. They serve tacos with a juicy meat with a beef broth dip. They aren’t the usual street style you get. The tortilla is thick and has cheese melted on it. The meat is a stewed beef. My guess this will start trending more and more. If you see one near you give it a try.




  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    a food thread that i didn't start? i.. i just can't right now..

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  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    and on that note.. hell yeah on birria! i've known it all my life and am a little surprised it's a 'thing' now. saw this the other day. are you close to Oxnard @kingbee67?

  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    @Chinaski not close at all. I live on edge of LA/OC county. The number of trucks seem to be expanding a lot around here and if the pizza Birria  chain expands I would imagine one around here.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Eating a shrimp po’ boy from Shrimp & Stuff on Jamaica Beach, mon.  Eating it with your toes in the sand enhances the flavor!

  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    @cdrive Never had a po’boy but that one looks good. I think they had them at a place that made the most spicy shrimp I have ever had. Sadly they closed down. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Chinaski said:
    a food thread that i didn't start? i.. i just can't right now..

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    This is unprecedented. The mods will be calling an emergency meeting to discuss whether this should be allowed. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    It’s just gone 7am here and I’m going to regret this in about half an hour when I feel like shit for downing so much sugar this early in the morning, but I’m currently eating a vanilla slice. This is an Australian iced pastry slice filled with confectioner’s custard (also known colloquially as a snot block, due to its texture). They are delicious, and we take them very seriously here - there are contests held to judge them and people will go miles out of their way to a bakery that has been judged to have the best. 

    I’ve shovelled down half of mine so here’s a random internet picture of what I’m talking about.

  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    damn @dee. that looks dangerously delicious!
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Chinaski said:
    damn @dee. that looks dangerously delicious!
    Seriously, that and a tall glass of cold milk?  Yes please!
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Stopped by the grocery store after watching stupid fucking Tenet. Decided to make over night birria tacos out of bone in ribeyes and hind shanks. Even threw in a lamb shoulder chop I had in the freezer.
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  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    Making Korean bbq for opening day of football. Beef Ribs spicy chicken and pork belly and Hite beer.


    going with the full size than the traditional short cross cut ones.
  • I’ve been trying to make the perfect breakfast burrito. I think I’ve done it (for me at least).

    From the bottom —> up...

    - Flower tortilla
    - Sour cream
    - Hashbrowns
    - Scrambled eggs
    - Bacon
    - Grilled onions
    - Avocado
    - Some sort of chipotle mayo / sauce.
  • Hi-octane american garbage...until Monday...I hope.
  • I made potato soup for dinner. Simple 4-ingredient potato soup. For lunch tomorrow I made crispy gochujang chicken, stir fry veggies and rice. 
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    A true ‘H-Tine Hol’ It Dine’ breffus - Barbacoa Migas. 
    Great Sunday breakfast if you ripped it up Saturday night. 

  • Breaking Bad gets the Binging with Babish treatment... again.

  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Twix Chocolate Bars from Canadas Online Candy StoreWhile I wait for my potatoes to boil... yum
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Saturday breakfast: wholemeal sourdough, broad bean and feta smash, hummus, dukkah and shredded rocket. 
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    shredded 'rocket'? go on..
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Chinaski Arugula?
  • DeeDee Adelaide

    Mmmm... greeny brown sludge... 
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