The Wheel Of Time

Hey Jim, A-Ron, Cecily and community!

Long time listener/first time poster. Thanks for all the great content and providing such great company on my commutes during some pretty stressful times over the last few years :)

Just wondering if Bald Move might be covering  Amazon Prime’s adaption of The Wheel Of Time?

With the source material actually completed and the amount of love and care being put into the show (as indicated by cast and show runner’s social media content and follower interactions) the show has potential to be flagship series for Bald Move with potential for Game Of Thrones level coverage (instant take/spoilore etc)... Not that anyone is expecting  A-Ron to get 14 books under the belt by season one premiere haha. Though that is my personal goal.

Anyway..if anyone wants to get their W.O.T. discussion fix, I’m loving The Dusty Wheel podcast and Daniel Greene on YouTube. I said. First time poster here..haven’t comprehensibly navigated the forum so this may be all answered and discussed elsewhere. So I accept all  criticism and newbie injokes that I look forward to understanding down the track!



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