TV Movie / Commissioned Podcast

If you could commission a podcast from Jim and Aron, but it had to be a TV Movie, what would you choose?

I would absolutely choose “One More Mountain” - the Meredith Baxter / Chris Cooper retelling of the Donner Party tragedy.

What would your TV Movie commission be?


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    This is probably more of a mini series because it was over two nights, but I would get them to watch an Australian one called The Day Of The Roses. It’s about an actual train crash that happened in Sydney in the 1970s where 83 people died and 200 or so were injured. It covers the rescue itself, and also the inquest into what went wrong and caused the accident. It’s really interesting but also really sad, so Aron would probably cry. Not Jim, though. He’d be more into the engineering issues of the accident itself. Something for everyone! 
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