Did anyone else spoil themselves on Homelander? (Comic spoiler)

CoryCory New Scotland
Back when Season 1 first came out I ended up on The Boys Wiki (this includes Black Noir) and read (as best as I can remember)

Vought cloned Homelander (as a contingency plan if Homelander got too out of control), and I forget what Homelander does, but Black Noir shows up and reveals he's a clone of Homelander and ends up killing Homelander.

After what we saw of Black Noir's face in episode 7, I'm curious if this is how it's going to go in the TV show.


  • I think the Doppelgaenger scene with him almost blowing himself was a nod to the comics, I have a feeling they take black noir's storyline in a different direction. If he is still alive, almonds are formidable opponents.
  • Here is an interesting theory exploring his connection with Stan Edgar.

  • jluzaniajluzania Denver
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    Yeah, unfortunately I spoiled myself reading a SyFy.com article a few days ago. I skimmed right over the (Spoiler Warning) without even thinking about it and there it was! Second time I've done that on that website (sup, Red Wedding!)

    Interesting to see they might be going in a different direction. 
  • This is the first time a thread like this has spoiled me (my fault) and I’m not really bummed about being spoiled. I wonder what that means for how I much I’m enjoying the show. I thought I was liking it??
  • I read The Boys years ago so I knew about this going into the series. I doubt they will stick to this as they have diverted enough from the comic already and I don't think they really need to stick to this big reveal since it is already out there from the comics. 
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    It feels to me like they will go a different way with Noir in the show. Was Noir allergic to peanuts in the book? If he's a clone, wouldn't Homelander also be allergic? And we've seen Noir get, like, temporarily disabled and hurt in other ways too. Homelander has basically been untouchable. 
    Edit - Also, Schlupp's video stated that Noir was clearly black (and the actor is black), and that alone kills the Homelander clone theory, but I thought the visible part of his face left room to just be "he was severely burned." In any event the burned/scarred face would also have killed the plotline from the comics since he couldn't pretend to be homelander anyway.

    Edit edit - put this whole thing in spoiler tags just in case, although I feel like anyone clicking on this thread knows what they're getting into. 
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