510 - "Mother's Mercy" - SPOILERS!

Director: David Nutter
Writer: Double D's


  • Hmmm...Benjen on the previously on? A.Ron you may have to have that marker handy.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Bald and Chain is renewed for another season!
  • He looks pretty dead to me. Could he *be* any deader?! I think if I had read that 4 years ago I would have lost my shit. I think if I had been unspoiled I would be pretty upset right now. Thanks for softening the blow, book readers.
  • CbluesCblues Columbia, SC
    Looks dead to me too. But an emo Melisandre showing up makes me thing the fan theories might be right. I thought they might resolve that tonight.

    It'll be a long 10 months.
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    Odds are he's dead....but if Thoros can bring someone back....what's to stop Melisandre from bringing Jon back...Really puts chills in my spine to think that she might be the one who saves John...
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    So... Stannis...that's either a super major change or a super major spoiler.

    And yeah, I'm still 100% convinced Jon is coming back. Otherwise, why have Melisandre show up? I kept waiting to see her walk over Jon, but I guess they wanted to keep the death the cliffhanger.

    It's just going to be lame that the book will be spoiled because of behind the scenes cast photos. Unless he gets the boom out before then. But, I'm not going to bet on it.
  • They did bring back the Mountain this episode, but he seems zombie-like. I do like the warging theories. We saw that wildling in season two warging into the hawk as he was dying. There is still hope! Even my husband who is unsullied is totally thinking they will bring him back.
  • Can't imagine him being dead for good unless GRM simply wants to fuck with people. There is no way you write all this stuff into a book/TV show for a character to just kill him off. GRM definitely has big plans for Jon but maybe he is changing shit around to give people the finger for trying to predict stuff.  
  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
    I'm disappointed in For the Watch. In the books it happens because Jon tries to save "Arya" (Jeyne Poole pretending to be Arya / Sansa in the show) from the clutches of the Boltons. Jon tries to rally and army and get directly involved in the politics of the south, and that's the last straw for the men of the Night's Watch. What makes it worse is that they had us at Hardhome in the show, and we know there are survivors that can spread the word to the rest of the Watch about all the trouble they're about to be in from the White Walkers. 
  • My unsullied husband says he's done with the show for good. He is pissed. I wonder how other show watchers feel.

    I was staring hard at those eyes, waiting for a warg eye roll...I think the reception would have been a lot better if the cliffhanger was the hint of resurrection instead of just bleeding out. Damn you, @A_Ron_Hubbard for coming up with better endings than the DD's!

    Benjen Stark troll!! Well played, sirs. Well played.
  • Typical GOT fashion Sansa goes and lights the candle and Brienne leaves 10 seconds too early. 
  • They troll'd us HARD with that previously on, so much that I even forgot what was about to happen. I think they handled it all pretty well considering but GOT DAM I could not believe they off'd Stannis and Marcela. I do know people who jumped off and never looked back after the Red Wedding, so I wonder if anyone jumps over the wall so to speak after tonight.
  • Gotta hand it to D&D, out of all of A.Ron's ending scenarios, they chose the shittiest one.
  • EnverEnver Toronto

    I thought Drogon was spent. Needed a breather or power nap.

    My wife called the kiss of death. I'm like "nah, it's Dorne, everybody loves everybody". And then when it got too happy on that boat i'm like "yep, she gawne!".

    Can't believe how chill Doran looked on that wheelchair. Slouched on one side, legs spread open. The only thing missing was a cigar. And a drink.

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I really enjoyed this episode, other than the Dorne parts. I think Sam to the citadel would work better earlier in the season, and the Arya sequence at the House of Black and White was strange and felt like a fever dream, and while I'm not sure about that, maybe going super trippy is appropriate there?

    But I was shocked how okay I was with the Stannis resolution.  I'm not sure I'd be willing to say it's "worth it", because I don't know if I ever want to go back and watch 509 again, but it did make me very okay with how Winterfell turned out, which absent last week, I'm not sure I could stomach. It was a very tragic ending, something out of the darker works of Shakespeare.  Stannis' defeat was absolute, swift, and he knew full well exactly how he got there and the magnitude of his sins before he died.  The fact that so many of his loyal men were butchered alongside him just made it worse.

    Oh, and Dany dropping the ring is weird as hell.  I was hoping Drogon would come roaring in, I feel like that would have made for a more effective and faithful to the book cliffhanger.  

    And you guys, Jim has no fucking idea.  I'm certain that the idea will be floated on the main cast by an observant viewer (or a sly book reader posing as one), and I wonder what he'll think of it.  It's all there.  Melisandre is at the wall.  Jon's dead.  I thought it was a great choice to leave it there, and not have his eyes warg out.  That would have been too obvious.  On the other hand, the books gave us Jon's smoking wounds and Marsh's salty tears, which was pretty on the nose, too. 

    Very surprised I liked the finale as much as it is.  Still, can we start this debate; Season Five, easily the "worst" season of Game of Thrones?  

    Also, it wouldn't surprise me if Sansa is showing, but good god, puke.  Puke, puke.  I'm not sure I buy that Sansa and Theon could survive that fall.  Man, I really wish they had sold the fact that the snow was deep as hell around the walls of Winterfell, because it would have to be to survive that. Of course, Sansa could be dead, and that's how they bring it around to Lady Stoneheart in the books.  Maybe in the books, Cat ends up finding Sansa's dead body and brings it back to life, and they're just cutting out the middle man?  That seems like horseshit, but who knows?  God I hope he gets Winds out before next year.
  • Kit Harington confirmed he's done with the show. Jon is dead.
  • And yeah this was the worst season by far. BY FAR. Only redeeming thing about this finale was the showstopper Cersei Walk of Shame. If Lena Headey doesn't get an Emmy, I'll riot.
  • KatCarlKatCarl Minneapolis, MN
    Hmmmm, Melisandre HAPPENS to arrive about 5 minutes before Jon snow died? 100% she resurrects him somehow. 
  • KatCarlKatCarl Minneapolis, MN
    Also to the Kit Harrington not coming back comment- he has a contract stating  he can't cut his hair until he's done with the show. Personally, I won't believe he's done until I see those locks come off. BLAMO.
  • iplaygames2iplaygames2 Rockford, IL

    As for Season 5 being the stinker of seasons, thus far, I'd be hard pressed to argue that point.  I was okay with the Stannis death, dude went out guns-a-blazin by taking those 2 guys with him.  Fitting, then, that Brienne got to whack him and repay her oath to Renley. 

    I enjoyed Aryas screen time this episode, thought her execution of Trant was pretty badass.  The shiv to the eye to open the scuffle was just downright epic.  Then putting out his other eye before talking smack and slicing him from ear to ear...that's some sweet revenge.  Eager to see how her bllindness progresses next season and how her arc continues.  She's already 'stolen' death from the Many Faced God, I can't imagine she'll just continue on her merry way learning the ways of the Faceless Men.


    Didn't really know what to make of the whole Dany/Khalasar scene.  I was waiting for her to start shouting at them in Dothraki about being a Khaleesi, etc.  What was the deal with her ring? Don't remember anything like that in the books...but it's been a while since I read Dance.

    Jon Snow knew nothing about the mutiny, and it cost him his life.  If they burn his corpse, will the Lord of Light still be able to resurrect him?  Or, is the funeral pyre reserved for Black Brothers in good standing?  If they're just going to gangsta shank someone like that, do they still get the honor of having their corpse burned?  Where the hell was Ghost?  He can come and save Sams bacon-flavored ass but he lets Jon get slaughtered?  Sam sure better set sail for Oldtowne sooner rather than later.  They'll be butchering him for meat soon.  Winter is coming.

    Sansa and Reeon (see what I did there?) ... was nice to see him man up and take out Ramseys torture whore, but I would have liked to see her naked again.  Speaking of naked, I just have to say, Cersei had a smoking body.  Bravo, queen mother...bravo.  As for the future of Sansa, we know it's been snowing quite a bit in the north recently.  I have no problem with there being enough fresh powder around the walls of Winterfell to absorb that drop.  Shit, the walls at my house in northern IL get drifts 6-8 feet high usually in winter, I'd imagine a 50 foot high wall could have much deeper drifts around the base.

  • Hard for Season 5 to not be the worst since it is condensing books 4 and 5 - largely considered the worse so far.  I enjoyed the books but they were a slog at times.  Going from the drama of Book 3 - the cliffhangers - to the drawn out side stories in book 4, man, that must have been so painful to readers who had to wait all those years for book 5. 
  • So...
    Casting call info is going to be huge.

    Kit is saying he won't be back... but that could be they are just leaving him out for a season like they did with Bran.
    Will the Gravedigger show up?

    Is Stannis really dead? Is Bri really that fucking stupid to kill a potential king just for personal revenge?

    I really enjoyed Arya's kill scene. It was bloody AF.
  • Does HBO expect to keep Kit Harington filming a secret? That's my only problem with the thinking he's coming back (well besides the obvious theories about Jon Snow that would make it beyond stupid to actually kill him right now.)
  • I have to admit, when I reached the part in book 5 where John is stabbed a part of me was done with the series.  I felt that way when Arya was knocked out in book 3 until she showed back up in later chapters (yes, i read the chapter headings to verify she was not gone).

    Got a glimmer of hope when people on forums where talking about how he could be rezed by Melisandre.  I hope that's the case.

    Honestly, I suspect that GRRM (i pronounce it GRIM) is trolling his readers and the fantasy community at large. 
  • I think GRRM will change shit in the books just to fuck with the Double D's.

    This is my story bitch! haha
  • I think GRRM will change shit in the books just to fuck with the Double D's.

    This is my story bitch! haha

    I think you may be right.  I don't put it past him. 
  • We don't know if Stannis is dead do we? I was watching HBO Go and it cut away from any actual killing. Unless i missed something he could very well be alive. 
  • KatCarlKatCarl Minneapolis, MN
    I personally think that whenever someone "dies" but is not on screen when it actually happens- they aren't dead. I fully believe the Hound is coming back. Just like his brother obviously has, since we didn't see the Mountain die on screen.  Me so smart.
  • Game of thrones: Despair springs eternal.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    Kit did an EW interview. According to him he is not shooting next season, he has movies he is shooting instead.

    This will leak, if he shoots GOT stuff in a few months than we will know. My gut tells me he is dead.

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