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Just binged watched 6 episodes of this - Anyone watching this ? 

It's quite good and relevant to what's happening now. 

It's somewhat similar to The Boys.

If there is a previous thread about this show then let me know. 


  • There's already a thread with some discussion, though not really much.  http://forums.baldmove.com/discussion/7238/anyone-watching-utopia-on-prime-no-spoilers

    I think for as much hype as J&A have received for this show, it definitely hasn't translated to community engagement.

    Also, FYI Baldmove is live on twitch RIGHT NOW.  They are recording a podcast for "Leon: The Professional" and after the podcast recording are probably going straight in to a live watch of Utopia.  (At least 1 episode, possibly more.)


    They have JUST started the Leon podcast recording right now.
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    Thanks Josh for the link - (and the 3 posts that are there)

    OK fair enough - no one is really watching this show but it just has so many similarities to 'The Boys'

    A bunch of ordinary folks fighting an entity that is way way way bigger than they are.
    They even have a 'Butcher' type character in there.

    Only 1 season - 8 eps. and as far as I know , no season 2 as yet.


  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I'm on episode 3, started tonight, then had over 2 hours of Internet problems.

    Was the surprise killing at the end of episode 2 just for sheer shock value?

    It's reminding me of V for Vendetta more than The Boys so far.
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    I am a big fan of this show and hoping for a second season. Perhaps it didn't catch on because the pandemic theme hits too close to home right now? Some reviewers have even called it the unluckiest show of the year for this very reason.

    The one thing that gives me pause is propping up the idea that conspiracy theories are true. Because of groups like QAnon, lies and conspiracies which use to be fun (hello X-Files) are costing actual lives. They are being used to explain very complicated problems like climate control, over-population, poverty, and racism. And in fairness it's can be hard to know what's true vs. just being paranoid.

    On the other hand there is John Cusack and he is one sexy bitch  ;)

  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I gave up on this about half way through. 
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