Favourite/preferred Console controller?

CoryCory New Scotland
Image may contain text that says 2 PlayStation If it aint broke dont fix it XBOX Change is good Nintendo PARKOUR WiIe


  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    I prefer the one I can do my taxes with:

  • I actually think the gamecube controller was the best, but the c-stick doesn't really work well for modern games.

    The xbox 360 and one controller is the best modern controller IMO (improves each generation too). I hate the dualstick layout of the PS controllers, but probably because I got used to the gamecube controller as my first modern controller, which actually has the xbox layout essentially. Also, the GIANT xbox controller was replaced almost immediately, and IIRC you could even get the OG xbox with the smaller controller on release. 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    I love the feel of the PS controllers the most. I do think though that if I could get a "Duke" version of a PS controller, it would be the best. I don't think I have extra giant hands or anything but the DS4 I have feels a bit tiny and I feel like I get a slight hand cramp if I am playing too long.

    The Dual Sense 5 looks to be sliiiightly beefier so maybe it will feel better. And on that note, I am a huge fan of Giant Bomb and one thing that is an undeniable fact is that Jeff and Brad especially can skew a little cynical sometimes. So it was very cool and exciting for me to watch their video about using the new controller in that Astro Bot game and how that was the most "next-gen" thing they have seen so far and actually being impressed by it. Who knows if it will be a feature many game manufacturers utilize in the next few years but hearing them be so impressed by it was really encouraging.
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    xbox controller for me. i like the positioning of the analog sticks and d-pad. i've never liked the PS controllers and analog sticks being right next to each other.
  • edited November 2020
    I had PS2 in the past but have been an Xbox guy ever since and I will always prefer the Xbox 360 and One controller to a PS 3,4,5 controller. I use an Elite v1 controller but I don't use the add on bumpers at all which is really kind of a waste of money because that's the main benefit but I just can't retrain my brain to use the bumpers. With that said the build quality on the controller is amazing and I would certainly buy it again. 
  • The PS2 controller. Only cuz I played 500 hours of Socom on it and it naturally felt like a third hand after awhile. 
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