Warrior on Cinemax

Anyone else watching this awesome show and wish Bald Move would cover it? considering the pedigree of amazing action scenes and being from the creators of Banshee, it's must watch TV.


  • Once my TV watching slows down a bit I need to subscribe to Cinemax for a month and blast through it. I've hear good things and it definitely interests me. 
  • It's truly the best show that nobody's watching, which is a shame. Even Alan Sepinwall has been singing praises since season one (Cc: @A_Ron_Hubbard). Instead of those mediocre melodramas HBO has been churning out (cough cough The Undoing) this show should've gotten much more love and attention from Warner Bros. Every fight scene has been impeccable, the story is interesting, the cast is super sexy, and the acting isn't too shabby, either. It's a wonderful tribute to Bruce Lee and his legacy, and it never shies away from America's racist past. I'll be mourning when they cancel it.

    Alan Sepinwall's review for season 1 here: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-reviews/warrior-cinemax-review-815723/
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