The Mandalorian S2E02

Were they on the White Walker planet?  Giant ice spiders and all.


  • Yeah, ice spiders totally doable. Big as hounds.
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    I did appreciate that spider design. One of the cool things Dave Filoni did when he ran The Clone Wars was that they based a lot of their designs on original Ralph McQuarrie art. I think they probably continued that with Rebels, but I didn't follow that show closely enough to know for sure. Looks like they're continuing the tradition with The Mandalorian, though, because the ice spiders in this episode were clearly based on the Dagobah spider McQuarrie put in one of his drawings. Here's the piece for reference:

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  • Also, Dave Filoni was one of the X-wing pilots, so that was cool. I do love seeing X-wings whenever we get the chance. 
  • Dave was the also an x-wing pilot in the  episode when Mando led them back to the base after being double crossed in the prison break episode, which is also what they were asking him about before he cut and ran.

    Anybody else notice the Wizard of Oz reference when he lost the sabbac hand in the cantina and his friend told him "don't cry, you'll rust"? I guess theory confirmed that Dorothy was transported to the star wars universe.

    Dave definitely uses tons of McQuarrie reference in rebels, arguably those same spider creatures (though designed a little different). One of the main characters on Rebels is the original Chewbacca design before Chewbacca became a Wookie. Even the lightsabers and Darth Vader's design follow the original McQuarrie artwork.
  • Oh, that's right, he was one of the X-wing pilots that blew up the space station last season!

    Forgot about Zeb, too. Man, my memory cannot hold all of this TV anymore. 
  • I don’t even know how to make a joke about this...

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    I am loving this season so far. And I'm not sure what it says about me but I want one of these.
    Where some people see controversy Yoda sees appetizers.

  • Everyday I’m patiently waiting for my Sideshow “Child” to show up in the mail.

    also did anyone else back the Hasbro Razor Crest?
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    Those Funko Pops are going for ~$50 now!

    I loved S2E1, but this episode was so-so for me. The highlight was the X-Wing pilots.

    The CG spiders were boring, but hordes of CG monsters almost never work for me. Less is more.

    Genocidal Yoda eating endangered Frog Lady eggs... I think one of the writers was channeling anxieties about an IVF treatment, and nobody expected the gag to land the way it did with some viewers. It was a bit tone-deaf on Disney's part, given current events.
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    I am loving this season so far. And I'm not sure what it says about me but I want one of these.
    Where some people see controversy Yoda sees appetizers.

    Is that real?

    I want one too!
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