Any Guardians still out there?

With the most recent comment here being Nov 2019 from the Shadowkeep DLC post, I'm wondering if any BaldMovers are out there still playing or have picked it back up like I have. I played through Forsaken on Destiny 2 and missed Shadowkeep. Since it went free to play and the DLCs went on GamePass I decided to check it out. Maybe its the nostalgia for the Moon and Cosmodrome being back but this is the most fun I've had in Destiny since Destiny 1. Also anyone playing on Xbox feel free to shoot me a friend request or let me know if your clan is looking for players, I'm JudoCrab on Xbox.


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I dip back in for a little bit with each expansion/update/whatever. I plan to do the same here. I am on PSN if anyone wants to add me  (Garthman00). I am probably the odd duck in that I just jump on to play through the campaign and missions and do some mindless deathmatch multiplayer stuff. 
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