Your Honor

New Bryan Cranston miniseries on Showtime that premiers 6-December.  Looks like something that can fill the December - January void.

Discuss away.


  • Bump - anyone watch the premier?
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
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    I did. It wasn’t perfect... but I’m definitely into it enough to keep watching.

    I thought the set-up was pretty smart. One could easily be turned off by a story of a powerful man trying to get his son off for an obvious crime. But... it’s also hard not to sympathize with the son for what happened. There was nothing he could do to help, and while panic isn’t an excuse, it’s understandable.

    Also, Cranston’s character is in a similar boat. He wants and fully intends to do everything the right way, but when he realizes that this won’t be a normal / fair fight (because the victim’s father is a formidable mob boss), he also panics and makes a similarly questionable decision.

    Alan Sepinwall gave a fairly harsh review... a good man doing bad things to benefit his family is too close to Breaking Bad for us to not make that comparison. But, what show can live up to Breaking Bad?

    That’s a fair point, I guess... but when the credits rolled, I found myself (very much so) wanting you know what happens next. So... I’m in.
  • Episode 1 had my attention, beginning to end - let's see where it goes from here.  Yep, the reviews lead toward bad - I guess I have to see for myself.
  • Episode 2 - still quite tense.  I expect the entire series will be in this vein.
  • Looks like it’s just you and me @tom_g!

    This was to be expected going in, but this show is stressssfffuuulll. After episode 2, I don’t feel comfortable predicting where they are taking things. Looking forward to finding out though.
  • I'm off work tomorrow and plan on watching this. It's Bryan Cranston, it's gotta be at least decent and the premise ha my attention. 
  • welcome aboard @awookiee

  • Awookiee, Tom and Josh walk into a bar.... 
  • Well I watched both episodes... Tense is the perfect word to describe it. I'm in for it, you can't not watch to find out what the hell happens. This is a very common story in movies/TV but somehow this just feels different from those and I truly care about the outcome for everybody involved. 
  • Soooo many ways the lies are going to fall apart.
  • What a great show so far. It's a very well played out story in Hollywood yet adding a judge and the judges son makes it so much more tense and interesting. I think I might be 1 episode behind, what day of the week does this drop on the Showtime app? 
  • Finally started watching it. Not bad through 3 episodes.

    It does feel a lot like Walter White just stumbling his way through the cover-up. Still decent enough story so far.
  • I have been watching since E1. Is it the best show ever? No, of course not, but it is definitely worth your time. It's well acted, well written and suspensive and full of the whole "Going from bad to worse" on both sides. Because each side is initially completely clueless. It's now getting really interesting when the father of the dead kid is learning the truth. 

    I like it because it's a limited series. I know that no matter what, it will be done in 10 episodes. It won't be something that drags on long after it's DEAD. It's a Story, it's being told and either you like it or you don't. But you don't have to worry about season ending cliff hangers and potential cancellation etc.

    it might seem crazy that the Father is trying to cover this up. But they lay it out pretty clear, that he already lost his wife and all he has left is his son and if he loses him, he will have lost everything. That's a big reason he is going forward with something he would otherwise never do. I also like how it all ties in with the Kofi's Family. That almost has a litte taste of "The Wire" in it. 

    With Cranston it's watch value goes up a notch, and Margo Martindale makes every show she is in better. My final score at this point (It's not over yet) would be a 7.5 out of 10. That could go up or down depending how it ends. There are far worse things you could be watching. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Just saying.  
  • Breaking Bad references all throughout episode 7.  Too much?
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    i've been watching this show in my mind.. through this thread.
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