The Last of Us (TV Show)

Just recently heard the news that there will be a last of us tv show, I'm very excited for it and I was curious what the rest of the Bald Move community was thinking/ if there was an interest for podcast coverage for it when it inevitably releases.


  • I think a beat for beat adaptation would be just as cool as a new story set in that world. But Ellie and Joel are so much of what makes that story excellent so I’m leaning more toward the adaptation 
  • I'm stoked for it. Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Last of Us videogames) are the showrunners so it definitely has the blueprint to be great. I agree with @gguenot that Ellie and Joel are what will make or break it. I'm keeping my expectations in check until I hear about casting.
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