Star Wars Planets

JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
edited December 2020 in Movies
Star Wars creatives seem to be committed to basing planets on different landscapes that can be found here on earth (or more broadly, on physical features that can be found here on earth).

Here is a list of planets / landscapes. Are there any that I've missed? Are there any new planets that the Star Wars creatives could create based on Earth Landscapes? I'll propose one - a Prairie planet. A planet that is essentially all just 1 big field of knee high (yellowed) prairie grass. 

- Desert Planet (Tatooine - Star Wars)
- Ice / Frozen Planet (Hoth - Empire)
- Swamp Planet (Dagobah - Empire)
- Forest Planet/Moon (Endor - ROTJ)
- City Planet (Coruscant - Phantom Menace)
- Ocean Planet (Kamino - Attack of the Clones)
- Volcano Planet (Mustafar - Revent of the Sith) 
- Beach / Tropical Planet (Scarif - Rogue One) 
- British Isles Planet (Ahch-To - The Last Jedi)
- City Planet - Atlantic City Additions (Canto Bight - The Last Jedi)
- Salt Flats Planet (Crait - The Last Jedi)
- Burnt out Forest Planet (Corvus - The Mandalorian) 
- Colorado Planet (Tython - The Mandalorian) 


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