Destiny Clan?

Hi gaymer here, just left a Destiny clan that got split up, I figured I’d try looking for a LGBT friendly clan. New season starts in a little over a month so if anyone has a clan they could point me to it would be very appreciated.



  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    There is a Bald Move one, I believe. It is BaldMovers . I created it a while back, but it never saw much action in the last few expansions. But you are, of course, welcome...You may find a better clan that play more on the regular elsewhere, however.  Regardless, let me know if you want an invite. 
  • ScourgeSisters is a great destiny clan that is for LGBTQ+ members and ally’s. I used to be in that one until my friends started a clan. They were really good to me, and I was just a sleep deprived ally who didn’t want to play games with idiots. Strong recommendation here. Also, if all else fails I’ll play with you! We have some good folks in our small clan. <span>:smile:</span>
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    You playing Xbox, PlayStation or PC? I just recently joined a Clan I found on by just lurking. I was looking for other older parents but the post I found described their clan a LGBT+ friendly so that was a plus. My clan is all Xbox and is looking for more active players. Searching LGBT on r/Destiny2Clans had a good amount of responses if you want to widen your search as well. If you, or others on here are on Xbox feel free to add me, I'm JudoCrab on there.
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