Covid Vaccine

I just received my 1st dose of the covid vaccine. The stick was comparable to a regular flu shot. I’ll update my post if I have any symptoms or complications. 

Any other bald movers in healthcare and gotten their vaccine? Any issues? 


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    When do you get the second dose? And is it like the flu jab where it takes a couple of weeks to kick in? 
  • I got the moderna version. I get a 2nd dose in 28 days. After the second does your supposed to be fully vaccinated up to 95% efficacy. The Pfizer version’s 2nd dose is given after 21 days. 
  • My wife had her first Moderna dose, her arm was really sore (more than a typical flu shot she said) for about a day and she was a little fatigued, but all good otherwise.
    cdriveMichelleNaugustineTeresa from Concord
  • 24+ hours later I have some arm soreness but that’s it so far 
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