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is there a Podcast for commission movies. I used to have one, but think that they may be behind a paywall. I am a member, so take the Matrix, for example. It is available on the website, but cannot find it on either Pulp or Prestige podcast?

many thanks


  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
    So the Prestige feed is what used to be BM Movies.  ( for non club members).  At least some of the commissioned movies are in that feed.  (Open the link, Ctrl+F and search for Heat, Pontypool, The Sweet Hereafter.  These all return results.  Matrix, LOTR:ROTK, LOTR:TT, Labyrinth all return no results.)

    Searching that feed for "commissioned" gives 158 references to that term, with most commissions having 3 to 4 uses of the term in their relevant section.  There are a few uses of the word in non-commissioned podcasts as well.  

    The Pulp feed has 89 uses of the word "commissioned" and has LOTR:ROTK, LOTR:TT, and Labyrinth but no Matrix.  Several of the commissioned podcasts in this feed are also in the Prestige (formerly Movies) feed, but some are not.  

    The firehose feed can only go back so far for technical reasons.  

    I don't think the Matrix is on any feeds at the moment.  A commissioned podcast feed might be nice, but I don't know how much regular use it would get.  I guess that's a question for @jim or @A_Ron_Hubbard as to whether they have the time to set one up and if it is something that can be accomplished quickly and easily enough to justify doing it.  

    Depending on your podcast player, you might be able to simply upload the mp3 to your player for listening.  I know I could do this when I was on overcast, and it is possible on pocketcasts if you are paying for the premium subscription.  
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Damn, The Matrix is missing... we actually do have a commissioned feed but we recently became aware that there are a bunch of borked up links in it. It's so crazy like, 5 people have said in the past week that there are all these commissioned podcast feed problems. But as far as I can tell they've been broken for at least a year. I think Jim spent a lot of time yesterday working through the big gaps.

    Is it like, we started doing commissions again, people started working their way back through the catalog, and I'm discovering the 5 fastest/most voracious podcast listeners or what? haha...
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