Amazon Prime bonus content - S6 mini episodes

chriskchrisk Indianapolis
My son just found out there’s a 3-5 mini episode for each full episode in the bonus content. Only shows up on the Prime Video app or on the computer. Apparently not available on consoles or other devices.. 

Easiest way to watch them is to go to the latest episode, go to Bonus Content and it shows all 5 available up to now. 

Haven’t heard all of the BM podcasts for this season yet so they may have mentioned it already. Just wanted to pass it on for those who didn’t know. 

Basically just short vignettes about specific characters - Holden, Avasarala, Drummer, Clarissa, and a fun one with Bobbi and Amos


  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    They've been recapping them on the podcast since Amazon has done a really bad job making them visible and available. It's kinda wild they're not even on youtube or anything
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