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wasiwasi Melbourne, AU
Was super excited to see an OTC for Station Eleven but gee what a let down.

Perhaps I am biased because I absolutely love the show, the characters and acting, themes, back and forth integrated story arcs and general story telling, non conventional format. 

The first 5-10 mins of OTC was comparing S11 to The Leftovers. I get people have compared the two but thought this podcast was about S11, not why The Leftovers is so much better. Would have preferred a discussion on this show.

Loving Amanda Whiting’s Vulture episode recaps and The Watch podcast episode deep dives on the themes and characters as a companion piece (would highly recommend both to those peeps that are into this show) so was hoping for move of the same on OTC rather than dismissing anything about the actual show and nit picking on semantics like background detail on how do people feed themselves and why isn’t there more world building.

First podcast in 5-6 years I had to turn off half way through. Maybe I’m in too deep on this show / just my opinion. 


  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    @wasi have you checked out the Bald Move discord yet?

    You’re not alone man, there are a lot of Bald Movers enjoying the show and we got a robust conversation going on about it on their discord channel. I definitely encourage you to check out our S11 thread and jump in before the finale this week. It’s been heating up after the OTC dropped.

    I think Jim did a good job throwing A.Ron a lifebuoy and wrangling him back into the boat regarding show hang ups.  They had lots of good stuff to say too in that back half once they got past Ep 5 talk and addressing all the Leftovers comparisons.  

    Thanks for the recommendations. Gonna check them out. 
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Perhaps I should check this show out.
  • wasiwasi Melbourne, AU
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    Thanks for the feedback @cdrive will check out the discord. With this being one of the rare non-binge dump-all-at-once series (3,2,2,2,1 release schedule) would have loved a weekly breakdown from the BM guys. 

    The usual by the numbers setup for most series for episode 9 (the penultimate episode) is to have all the shit going down, with an episode 10 finale as clean up, so was pleasantly surprised that S11 episode 9 was a backstory bottle episode that blew me away with the feels. 

    Maybe I’m still a little annoyed that the best prestige show since GoT (Succession) S3 wasn’t covered either  :( 
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  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    I should get on the Discord again for the finale, or after it. I just heard the podcast and Lol - I had similar feelings. I don't blame Aron though. That's an honest reaction. You always want people you like to like the things you do, as much as you do.  

    I think my big bone of contention - and Aron acknowledges this - is that I think the show isn't concerned with the same things he is. I'm interested in the details it reveals about the fall of civilization or even some of the plot points, but it's not a big deal with this particular show. If you say Kirsten can take out 5 meth-heads, I'll go with it. If you say nobody saw their apartment from outside or didn't care to go raid it, I'll buy that too. Tyler somehow survives on his own - same. In Walking Dead that stuff drove me nuts because nothing about it was as interesting as this show. 

    Following from that, I think the time jumps are fine because this isn't a show that (imo) is trying to hide things from you, but trying to find the best way to introduce you to characters and let you know more about them as you go. It's also not like Lost which is deliberately asking you to ask plot questions and how things happened, and then pulling back in the final season and being like "sorry this is about the characters". I don't know that I'd be interested in seeing those scenes with Clark and Arthur and Miranda without the modern day context. Clark especially. 

    I think Jeevan goes onstage out of an urge to help and that's all you need to know about him. To me the idea of him being a paramedic and not having supplies is interesting for an episode of E/R or something like that, but wouldn't work here. Or it would be a different vibe. I saw it as an early clue the kind of person he is. It's why you buy that he cares about Kirsten enough to stay with her. 

  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
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    Just finished the third episode and not reading the thread right now because you know - spoilers. But so far I like the show. Episode 3 was probably my least favorite. We do meet the station 11 author but except seeing how weird she is nothing happened that advances the story. We still don’t know what the comic is about. And getting backstory on someone who died in the first 5 minutes of the first episode felt again unnecessary. Hoping episode 4 circles back to the story being told in 1 & 2. 

    As a huge fan of the Leftovers I agree with A_Ron. I don’t see it. But enjoying the show regardless. I’ll wait till I finish season 1 to rate them. If I had to guess Station 11 is a one season show. 

    Edit: finished episode 5. Just getting better!
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