What Other True Detective Podcasts Do You Listen To?

I've been listening to Detect This and I just started listening to the Natter Cast's great coverage of TD.

I'm really enjoying what the Natter Cast is doing here. They went on what seemed like a solid 10 minutes of speculating what Ani's sexual hang up could be. Hilarious. Highly recommended.

Any others you may want to recommend?


  • I second the Nattercast. And @hypergenesb found one that covers the true stories on which this is based. I'll find the link and post it here.
  • It's called: Welcome to Vinci
  • Thanks!!
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    None. Bald Move or die.

  • Detect This and What the Flick (not strictly a podcast). Will check out Nattercast, thanks!
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    I tried a few but deleted them from my feed. I'll stick with A. Ron and Jim and Afterbuzz TV. Afterbuzz does a lot of shows, and quite a few of them are bad, but I like their hosts on True Detective.

    I tried listening to one by Film Geek, I think it was. Boy, talk about critics. These dudes, after one episode, have hardly anything positive to say about it. That's fine. Their criticism was mostly about character development and "looking like a regular cop show," and " we've seen this all before," and "not as good as the first season." All this, after one episode?

    Jeez. The intertnet has exploded with criticism, especially regarding director Justin Lin. Get over it. It's not season one. It's like a completley different novel. That's how I look at it, since Nic Pizzolato is a novelist first and a screenwriter second.

    The people who said, after one episode, "I'm out," I truly don't understand. Like a lot of shows I really like, I watch True Detective two or three times. There is a lot to unpack in each episode, and the more you watch, the more you are sucked into this complex story.

    I'm in it for the long haul.
  • @Hollyoak I hear you. The guys at Detect This really annoyed me. They were going on and on about some of the most nitpicky criticisms. I couldn't even finish their cast on episode 1.
  • hypergenesbhypergenesb Atlanta
    edited June 2015
    btw, the latest episode of Welcome to Vinci was fantastic. They interview several of the folks involved in creating the title sequence. Fascinating. 
  • It's called: Welcome to Vinci

    Listening to the first one now. This is great. I'm loving all the facts they give us about Vernon. I flat out didn't believe Ani when she mentioned Vinci had only 95 residents, but lo and behold, Vernon has a little over 100.
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore

    btw, the latest episode of Welcome to Vinci was fantastic. They interview several of the folks involved in creating the title sequence. Fascinating. 

    I was going to listen to that but I am so spoiler-averse I was scared. I read the description of the podcast saying that it explores the events that inspire the show and I didn't want to know that. So do they give away details that might spoil the show?
  • No spoilers whatsoever.
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