Tips for starting a first gameplay recording?

I am considering dipping my toes into the waters of recording gameplay with my daughter. Any tips for getting started — software, cheap but effective hardware —would be greatly appreciated! One problem that might be insurmountable…. I’m on a Mac. If we could refrain from any Mac/PC trash talk, that’d be stellar. I’m just wondering if it’s even possible without a) breaking the bank and b) not getting too in the weeds with technical mumbo jumbo.

Also, my girl is 7 and the only system we play is Nintendo Switch. I’d like to test the waters and see if it’s feasible before Tears of the Kingdom comes out in May! 

Is Nintendo like…. not cool in gaming communities? I was shocked to hear the boys weren’t amped for Tears. But again, it’s a Nintendo thing. 

Anyway, I’ve been looking at external capture cards like Elgato HD60 and OSB as a software platform to capture the audio only recordings. Am I on the right track? For Mac?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    OBS is the free open-source software that is used by lots of streamers/lets players.  This isn't really my scene so I don't have a lot of advice for you.  There are a few professional and hobbyist streamers in the community.  You would probably get some pretty good advice if you were to ask this on the discord.  Maybe also a good option for a lunch question.

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    From a user on the discord:
  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
    I believe game audio will be recorded by the capture card device via HDMI.  If you want to record commentary, you would need a microphone and an audio line-in interface.  You could (and should) try using the one built into your motherboard, if available.  Do some fiddling around and test recording.  See if the quality is good enough before you buy an extra interface device.
  • Hey thanks for posting on Discord, Josh. Appreciate that. I can’t make heads or tails of that place.

    I got a capture card coming tomorrow. And I have an old mic that should work as I’ve used it on this Mac before. Although maybe the Mac mic will be easier as we don’t have a real setup to lean into mics and whatnot.

    Gonna play around a little and see what I can do. I also posted the Q in Lunch. Thanks again!
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