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  • I've been playing A LOT of Halo: The Master Chief Collection since they got the multiplayer fixed a couple of months ago. My X-Box One username is EMAWnstrocity if you want to play. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Almost all the way through Far Cry 4 and it's fun as hell. Running around the island storming outposts and climbing towers to reveal the map is great. You can sneak around the perimeter of an outpost spotting all the enemies, finding weak points, taking out any guards who stray too far from their comrades, disabling alarms, and eventually clearing it undetected or you can just run in the front gate on an elephant. I love it when a game gives you actual freedom to approach the situation however you want rather than just letting you pick which linear path you want to go down.

    The only real problem I have with it is the main story is pretty meh and it waaaaay over uses drug trips. Almost all the interesting parts of the story are experienced in some sort of hallucination and its really unsatisfying. It's like they couldn't figure out how you would break out of the prison so they just have the bad guy shoot you up with drugs as some sort of taunting technique (????) and suddenly you're in a hallucination where all the doors are open and you just fight some spirits and find a ... spirit grappling hook and escape? Whatever, just give me some more outposts.
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  • @bizmarkiefader i was very surprised at the trippin missions in Far Cry 4. I love that game tho. I agree with you that giving the user the choice on how to play each mission is crucial now a days. I love the freedom.

    What I found funny is if in the beginning you just sit at the table and wait for that 'main bad guy' to come back, instead of escaping. The game ends with a cutscene of you spreading your mom's ashes. Hilarious that they put that in. You can literally "beat the game" in under 20 minutes
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    I've been playing City: Skylines entirely too much.
  • Currently playing Arkham Knight. 
  • For all you Destiny players out there. The update that comes a week before The Taken King is overhauling shit tons of weapons. All the info about the update is in the hyperlink. Be happy about nerfing or be pissed about nerfing lol

    If it helps PvP bulljive then im fine with it, not that I play a lot of it anyways
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'm in favor of most of the weapon's rebalancing, but I'm puzzled by the Icebreaker and Blackhammer nerfs.  I don't use those a ton since I don't do a lot of night falls.  But I've recently gotten way into the PVP aspect of it, and it would be nice to bring the shotguns, Thorns, and Last Words down a notch.  Very excited for the Hard Light buff.

    I just started playing Rocket League two nights ago, since it's free on PSN+.  It's a hoot.  You play soccer with rocket powered cars.  It supports 4 player couch co-op and 8 player online matches, though I find things get a bit much at 3v3, that might be the sweet spot. 
  • AManIsNoOneAManIsNoOne Greensboro, NC
    Wow...just started playing Rocket League and it's CRAZY fun and I'm just playing with randoms. Anybody who loves soccer will love this game. The best part to me is that it isn't easy. I can't play a game that's too simple, but this game is just the right type of difficult. Good call Aron. I'd probably have never tried it if you hadn't mentioned it. 

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  • Picked up Dying Light as did a friend so we've been doing the story in co-op and the side stories it's so much fun. This past weekend there was a bonus to your attack so we were kicking infected over fences with great ease (we were still pretty low leveled so it was awesome) And the nights are just crazy, but you get bonus agility experience so its worth venturing out to boost your skill points up quickly. I liked it so much I've picked up the season pass.

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  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, right now I'm finding that I can trash rookie mode all day, but pro mode is a tough challenge.  Just learning the right angles to take and how to properly take the opening kick off has a fairly steep learning curve.  I love the fact that it supports 4p couch co-op, as Cecily me and Jack can all play together.

    I've also changed my mind and am all about 4vs4 now.  It's chaos if everyone just scrums in the corners, but if you start to play positions it's just right.  We never have a dedicated goalie, but we have two strikers/attackers, that attack the ball and sweep the corners, and then two people who hang out in mid field and keep the ball on the right side of the pitch and take shots on goal when the ball comes rolling in from the side.  If the ball makes it on our side, then we designate someone as goaling and everybody else tries to clear.  

    I feel like at super high play, it will tend to be a low scoring affair, just like "real" football.
  • I was going to pick up Dying Light a while ago but I had just finished Dead Rising 3 and needed the break from Zombies. Ill check it out in the future.

    Im probably gonna pick Rory Mceleroy PGA Tour(prob not the actual title of the game). My friend said its basically another Tiger Woods game. Ive been playing Tiger Woods since 04' on original xbox. Those games are so much fun
  • AManIsNoOneAManIsNoOne Greensboro, NC
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    I'm still rolling solo, so I haven't been able to implement a real strategy yet. My main goal is to get rebounds so I've been waiting around mid pitch, turboing in as the ball pops out of the corner and trying to finish that way. 

    I don't know about you, but I haven't found much success shooting with parts of the car other than the front bumper. I've seen other people flipping through the air and scoring with a shot off their trunk. Guess I just have to put some more time in and get the timing down. 

    Right now I'm trying to figure out what's my best vehicle choice. So far it seems to be the Merc, but I've also had decent success with the hotshot. 
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, the bicycle kick is powerful.  That's about half of the shots I take, and great way to clear the ball and get the goal.  You can essentially get a "boosted" powershot at a standstill if you use it correctly.  The ball streaks away as if you'd hit it with your front bumper boosted.

    Also, the back flip is my favorite save move if the ball is bouncing towards the goal and I'm behind it.  I boost up, get under the ball, back flip =  epic save.  Although, 75% of the time, I slam it into my own goal, haha.  But it was headed there anyway.  
  • SERSER Eugene, Oregon
    I picked up Rocket League last week.  Does look like a lot fun, haven't been able to spend much time with it yet.  Think I will need to bust out a controller before I get serious with it.  I've also heard this game is playable cross platform, haven't been able to actually confirm though.

    I have Cities:Skylines . Have yet to actually play it, but looks like what the last SimCity should have been?

    Yeah, the pc upgrade thing has always been an issue.  Though, the last 4 or 5 years, as long as you have a middle of the pack video card and enough ram, it's been pretty flat.  I've had my current pc since 2011 or so, and I've only upgraded those 2 things.  And even then, the video card just cause my old one died.  Thinking about building a new machine next year though.  Since we have new consoles, AAA devs are getting more ambitious, and that will push the pc side of things as well.

  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Witcher 3! Such a great game!
  • @JaimieT I played Cities: Skylines for a few solid weekends after it came out and loved it.  Yes, @SER, it's everything Sim City should have been.

    Been having a blast playing Rocket League but I'm on Steam.  If anyone wants to play, friend me: Skr0lld0wn
  • AManIsNoOneAManIsNoOne Greensboro, NC
    @Jim Has anybody tried to see if the cross platform compatibility works? I'm reading online where it says PS4/PC players can play together. Would that include Steam? IDK, but if you figure something out and want to try, my PS4 tag is GamesBondBMerkin
  • @AManIsNoOne it is cross platform but there's no way to create a party with people on the other platform yet.  I hear they're working on a unified friend system that will let you do that.  That, along with a way to get back into a game quicker after a match and a team tournament mode, are the biggest things I'm hoping for.
  • SERSER Eugene, Oregon
    @Murderbear Yeah, Witcher 3 is pretty great.  Though, I've kinda stalled 64 hours in.  Still in Novograd, haven't played in 2 weeks.  Need to get back to it soon.  I think I have lost some patience with super long games.

    @Jim I might be down for some Rocket League on steam, need more practice, I still kinda suck.  Still seems like magic when I make a good play.  Also, is there a Bald Move steam group?  If not, ya should start one.

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Jim said:

    @AManIsNoOne it is cross platform but there's no way to create a party with people on the other platform yet.  I hear they're working on a unified friend system that will let you do that.  That, along with a way to get back into a game quicker after a match and a team tournament mode, are the biggest things I'm hoping for.

    Doesn't sound like a problem to me. Team Baldmove PS4 vs Team Baldmove Steam. This board really needs multiple warring factions of fans as it is. Kind of makes me uneasy that the community is so damned friendly; being as my primary internet hang out is Joe Rogan's message board...
  • AManIsNoOneAManIsNoOne Greensboro, NC
    Freddy said:

    Jim said:
    Doesn't sound like a problem to me. Team Baldmove PS4 vs Team Baldmove Steam. This board really needs multiple warring factions of fans as it is. Kind of makes me uneasy that the community is so damned friendly; being as my primary internet hang out is Joe Rogan's message board...
    I find it refreshing, but I get what you mean. If I start gaming with some of you guys and gals, I could ruffle some feathers. I'm good, but I'm also a big risk taker and very aggressive in most games, including Rocket Leagues. Sometimes it rubs more conservative players the wrong way. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    @AManIsNoOne I like the cut of your jib. And generally speaking, anything that rubs conservatives the wrong way is a-ok in my book.
  • Lots of Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone here
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
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    Ps4/Xbone for me.

    PS4 - jffhrdy42
    Xbone - nativedrew
    If anyone wants to add.

    I've gotten real into Destiny on PS4 after about 6 months away and joined the BM group, so I'm hoping I can convince you guys to let me sneak into a raid, 29 Warlock and a 32 Hunter, never done the raids or trials of Osiris because I don't have a group of people.

    Oh and were only like 3 weeks from the game of the year Metal Gear Solid V. Super fucking hyped for that, MGS1 on PS1 really changed my life as a kid so facing the end of a series I've been following since I was 7/8 is just touching in a way I've never felt.
  • Just now finally finished up the last few campaign missions in Far Cry 4 and just downloaded the Valley of the Yetis DLC. 
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I've never been big on AC games, but I'm enjoying this one. 
  • anyone playing Elite: Dangerous?
  • i just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider. good game. The scenery is beautiful(Siberia, Syria) and the story is much better than the 1st reboot game. Its about her father's work instead of some random thing happening to Croft. I understand the 1st one was a way to set us up to this "new" Croft and the story was OK but this one is much better. Introduces a few more fighting options.  I still think she is killing WAY to many people in these games. I sneaked around as much as I could but I still killed a shit load of people.

    Now im starting Mad Max. I've only finished the opening video, which was hilarious and awesome, so I'll get back to you guys when I play a little bit more

  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I can't wait to play Tomb Raider...but damn those timed exclusives. I won't get around to it until it is released on PS4 in a year's time. I did however pick up Mad Max on sale today, I've heard it is really really fun. So I look forward to that, despite having a back log a mile long.
  • I'm playing Dragon Warrior for the NES, because I'm cool like that...
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