310 - "Fly"

Director: Rian Johnson
Writer: Sam Catlin & Moira Walley-Beckett


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  • I was speechless when I watched this live.  Still one of my favorite episodes ever.  Throughout the entire series, we were always privy to all of Walt's secrets and lies.  I always thought the threat of exposure brought the greatest tension.  This one was tense as hell!

    Plus - great performances by two very VERY good actors.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
  • After "Ozymandias" this is my favorite episode as well. Interesting that both episodes were directed by Rian Johnson. Moira Walley-Beckett is co-writer here and credited as sole writer on "Ozymandias"

    A lot of my friends disagree, but I've always found this to be an incredibly intense episode, despite the lack of action. I was on pins and needles the whole back half wondering if Walt would reveal what he did to Jesse.

    I also love the bit where Walt tries to pinpoint the moment he should have died. Stellar performances, writing, and direction all around. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I'm the outlier - I hated this episode. I was bored out of my mind both times I sat through it.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    You and me both @Dee
  • I don't recall having any particular reaction to it and was surprised at the time how controversial it was. I think it is just another excellent episode of BrBa. 
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    I didn't hear the following point made on the "Fly" podcast when discussing the plausibility of a day like this actually happening in Walt's life and its commentary on the "human condition."

    The seed for "Fly" was planted in season 2's "Over" when Walt became obsessed with the "rot" in his house. So, "Fly" shouldn't come as a surprise to viewers. 

    Both the rot and the fly weren't as bad as Walt made them out to be but Walt had to take his mind off the weight of the situation he's created. That weight includes the threat of death that comes from both the cancer and now Gus/Mike. The danger his family is put in courtesy of his actions is also a factor.

    Walt stuck his neck out to get Jesse in that lab and Walt's safe assumption that Jesse was stealing helped create his stress-induced neurosis, where he's not sleeping well and is obsessing over minute details to avoid the bigger issues. 

    The rot-related neurosis was a byproduct of Walt's cancer going into remission and being upset that he'd have to live a while longer and possibly pay the consequences of his actions instead of being bailed out by death 

    Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast but I had to chime in with this since "Fly" is a close relative of S2's "Over" and "4 Days Out."

    One could also say that Walt is the contaminant, or the fly/rot in his family's life, and that these "episodes" are meant to show his conscience eating away at him.
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    My Breaking Bad viewing actually starts with "Fly" and was the reason I didn't start watching the show for another year or so. 

    I was at home flipping through channels and I came up to Breaking Bad and I was like "Alright lets see what people are talking about". So I watched this and it happened to be "Fly". I was dumbfounded how stupid and boring this show was. It was WTF. 

    If it was literally almost any other episode from season 3 or 4 I probably would have been hooked but it happened to be Fly.

    So I didn't give it another chance for like another year until season 5 started and I decided to watch it right by starting with the Pilot. Then proceeded to watch seasons 1-4 in like 2 weeks.

  • @hypergenesb I loved a lot of the fan art and gifs in your HC post, but this was my favorite. It really drives home how much of an inspiration Cronenberg's The Fly (1986) had on this episode in regards to the fly itself as a contaminant and how Walt may see himself as THE contaminant and therefore the fly. One of my favorite movie quotes is Jeff Goldblum telling Geena Davis how he wants to become the first insect politician.

    3x10: Fly  By Cyril Chambon in Sorgues, France
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