Syfy Friday - Defiance, Dark Matter etc

ElisaElisa Los Angeles
Does anyone watch any of the Friday Syfy shows?  Really love Defiance and Dark Matter - two guilty pleasures.  Light Sci-Fi. 


  • Havent started Dark Matter or Kill Joys yet but Defiance is a great syfy show. I really enjoy the world they have created
  • I really enjoy Defiance. Couldn't get into Dark Matter or Killjoys.
  • I havent heard that Defiance got picked up for a 4th season but I really like how they ended it. Wont spoil it on here but if we dont get another season I can honestly say I enjoyed the end of the series

    @Elisa i meant to ask a while ago but do you watch Haven on SyFy? The last 13 episodes are starting in early October. Im really pumped to see what they do with it and how they plan to end it
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Both Killjoys and Dark Matter got picked up for a 2nd season.  I know Defiance is a little more expensive but damn Season 3 was fabulous.  We need more!  I don't want it to end.

    You know @Jovial_Falcon I never got into Haven, but now I have added it to my netflix queue.  

    This summer was just amazing for sci-fi fanatics - the aforementioned shows, Mr Robot and Humans.  SCI-FI heaven!!
  • I should check these out. Syfy is starting to build their own prestige for me as I was a fan of both 12 Monkeys and Z Nation - two Friday night shows from earlier this year. I'm also really looking forward to The Expanse, which is coming in December.
  • @AntManBee I'm also going to check out Childhood's End. It premieres the same night as The Expanse
  • @Jovial_Falcon I didn't even know about that. Nice. I'm definitely watching that too.
  • I'm not sure why I'm not watching these shows. I love syfy trash TV like Sharknado and Jersey Shore Shark Attack. I know these are more serious TV but I generally love all Sci-fi
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Dig in @Raiyne - you will love them.  
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