Farewell Jon Stewart

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I don't want to start a political debate because I am on no side and to be honest politics is all one big ass blasting. Our current system is either voting for the democrat who's going to blast me in the ass or the republican who's blasting me in the ass. :)

With that being said It is a sad day to see Jon leave and its sad to think about how a show on Comedy fucking Central provided some of the most unbiased news we get. Throughout the years the show has tried to inform us how bad were getting fucked across the board and how petty and stupid we act as a society. I do believe I have learned a lot from this show, certainly more than the traditional media sites, and I hope others have an open mind when they view the show. 

Good luck to Jon. I'll always remember him as the crazy conspiracy theorist from Half-Baked. "have you ever seen the back of a $20 bill? have you ever seen the back of a $20 bill....on weeeed??" 


  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    The influence his iteration of that show has on our culture is insane to even think about. This show produced Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Robb Cordry, Kristin Schaal, John Oliver and a ton of other famous comedians and entertainers that now head major projects. Look at this list of people who were on this show, it's ridiculous:

  • He had pretty much every single one of them on the show tonight. Ed Helms, Rob Riggles just to add a few to your mentions. And Olivia Munn.....mmmhmm
  • Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear - one of the best days of my life - had a ton of fun.
  • It was a great way to go out - and closing with Springsteen was super special.
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    I have lots of fond memories of watching the Daily Show every night as a way of keeping in touch with America while living in various cities in Japan. I'll definitely miss him, but I am glad to see that legacy and influence he's left behind. Jon Oliver's show being my favorite at the moment.

    Also I'm kind of glad to see him moving on and giving the show a chance to do something new as he mentioned either with Louie or Dennis Leary the other night. Can't remember which. I'm also really excited to see what he does next and in what venue.

    Oh and I haven't seen the finale yet. Didn't get a chance to last night, but will be doing so tonight or tomorrow.
  • AntManBee said:

    It was a great way to go out - and closing with Springsteen was super special.

    Probably the two most appropriate songs from his catalog.
  • I wouldnt put Olivia Munn in that group. She was an established name on Attack of the Show prior to her joining. But thats just me
  • I'm heartbroken that him and Colbert both left their shows!
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