208 - "Omega Station"

Director: John W. Crowley
Writer: Nic Pizzolatto


  • best response to "I love you"
  • I loved my old Audi
  • I have a feeling this episode is about to get LOUD!
  • JamesJames southern California
    Really? Cash? I would've thought that guys "who don't get put away" for their crimes, move money by wireless transfers, not in actual cash.
  • If this ends with Jordan and Ani in the park in Venezuela, I will be pissed.
  • These guys are terrible at writing season finales.
  • historicstorkhistoricstork Detroitburbs
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    I won't be watching season 3 unless the reviews are really good. It seems like this is what Nick P was aiming for:
    but this is what we got:
  • It will honestly take me a while to process that. I don't think it's right to make snap judgements. It definitely had issues, just like this whole season, but I'll be damned if that wasn't Shakespearian and Poetic as hell. Say what you want to, but Nic P. isn't afraid of taking big swings. 
  • JamesJames southern California
    I call bullshit. They follow Ray from his kid's school (somewhere in LA) until he's out of gas, in some redwood forest. The closest redwood groves are about ~350 miles away, near Big Sur or near Santa Cruz (Guerneville is 450 miles away). 
  • I do not get the dislike. This was a perfectly decent cop show if you weren't expecting the second coming of Christ. The finale was much better than season one. The writing veered over into pretentious at times, but it was intelligent for the most part. I would watch another story from these guys.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    That was cheery. Would love to see a show built around Ani and Jordan. Like, a bad ass Mashup of Cagney and Lacey meets the A-Team.

    I don't think a lot of this season worked, but when it worked, it was really something. There is a really tight four hour miniseries buried somewhere in this season.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    They could've cut out the whole Paul storyline, half of Frank's muscling around, half of the sex party stuff, probably the majority of the Chad plot, and 2 hours of stares and grunts and it would have been infinitely better.

    The missing girl had nothing to do with anything either.

    Things that made me LOL/came out of nowhere:

    - "You're like a son to me" (even though I screwed you over and you've never reciprocated any affection.)

    - Bruised Knee girl singing her signature genre, R&Knee

    - Chad being the model of a "better man."
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    So, I'm guessing that was Ray Jr with Ani? Man, that guy is makin bastards like his name was Roose Bolton. I was pretty bummed when he died, not exactly surprised though. Did we really need that one extra bitter pill that his last message to his son failed to send? That's just cruel.
  • StellaStella Annapolis
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    So, Ray's eyebrows solve crime, Paul is superfluous, and Frank loves his suit more than Jordan. Got it. Note for Season 3: Pay the most attention to the characters with the least screen time -- they'll be the most important ones for the storyline.

  • I like the way they tied up the orphans plot line. A Ron brought up that there better be a good explanation for how they went from orphans to badass vigilantes and I think there was. Leonard gets his revenge but he took it too far...the childhood trauma clearly fucked him up and it wouldn't have made sense if he was a good natured Batman-type hero 
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    But isn't every one glad we got to see the Anaheim regional transportation intermodal center ARTIC.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco

  • This whole thing, the recurring theme was childhood trauma, the relationship between parent and child and how much parents can really F up their offspring. I mean honestly it was everywhere -- Ray and chad, frank and his early parental trauma, Paul and his mother, Ray and his father, the orphaned kids, Ani's molestation as a kid, Chessani and his kids, Frank and Jordan trying to have a kid, Ani having Ray's kid... when Osip said "you're like a son to me" (which obviously was just a last ditch effort to save himself) I was like, all right already, I get it!

    All that being said, I liked the season and loved the finale mostly in a technical way -- I thought it was very suspenseful. And I agree with whoever said it, showing that Ray's voice memo never uploaded was just cruel! I was glad at least Ray and Chad had that litte moment on the schoolyard.
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    Stella said:

    So, Ray's eyebrows solve crime, Paul is superfluous, and Frank loves his suit more than Jordan. Got it. Note for Season 3: Pay the most attention to the characters with the least screen time -- they'll be the most important ones for the storyline.

    Did you really think he was going to make it out of that desert? "Why didn't Hank and Gomez just show the nazis their badges like they asked?"

    I mean I don't think he was going to talk himself out of that pit
  • Frank got Omar'd 
  • This really should have been a 4-5 part mini series to be decent. Pathetic how it's already a show with super short seasons at 8 episodes and it's twice as many as it should be so we get tons of useless shit to sit through to bloat up to a whopping 8. 

    I couldn't care less about season 3 at this point, the only reason I'd bother watching it as it airs is for the podcasts.

    2 robot dicks out of 5
    CrippledGingerHatorianStellaAndrewFrakkin TDaveyMac
  • So with Ani and Franks wife (Jane i think?) still alive as well as Burris and Tony C does that mean season 3 is gonna mash up the Tuttles with Chessani? hope not, it'll just make season 2 worse than it was.  Sucks that Frank and Ray died but they really needed to thin out the cast i guess,  all and all not a bad season but by no means a great one.  I was kind of hoping Ani was talking to Rust or Marty down in Venezuela but that's just asking too much of a show which clearly did not care what fans wanted.
  • He didn't want to give up the suit because the diamonds were in it.
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    So I guess:

    • Ani's father and sister as well as Vera have to stay on the run.
    • That dude that raped Ani is still in the wind.
    • A Charger gets less miles per gallon than a SUV.
    • Ray feared being shot in public if he stopped to get gas even though his lieutenant seemed to choose not to initially.
    • Ray would rather stop in a secluded great forest.
    • Birdman waited over two months to trade the hard drive. How long was his sister handcuffed?
    • Osip didn't suspect that the missing Blake blabbed to Frank about the meet.
    • They couldn't exchange the cash at a well lit gas station or at the Catalyst offices.

    I could go on, but blah. I hoped it would get better but I should have stopped watching after episode 3.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    "....Looks to me like the lights winning.."

    Or, ya know, jk fuck that.

    Well, seconds of a near perfect thing is damn near impossible. This season's plot was ill woven, so, so soooo many dropped plot lines. Characters I only really began to feel strongly and protective over till this last episode, most never got there (poor Paul). But it's not the wort thing ever. I wasnt sure who was making it out alive, but as soon as Jordan said "wear a white suit with a red rose on your chest"  DEAD. Red rose symbolizing a red bloom of blood....and well, yep. 

    There was a lot here, they just needed to get the plot tighter and give the characters more moments connecting with each other. Thinking back on moments of this season though, moments that seemed strange and out of nowhere, maybe will make far more sense on a second watch. Problem is, I'd rather watch season 1 five more times before re-watching this...

     Hopefully Nick will learn from his mistakes here, and make a stronger third season. And I will be watching, and so will you.

  • AManIsNoOneAManIsNoOne Greensboro, NC
    I was just waiting for them to show us Ani becoming a lumberjack.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    This season was terrible. The plot was too convoluted and there were too many characters that were shown very few times but talked about a lot. The characterization in the writing was so spotty that I just didn't care. Watching this finale was like ticking off boxes on a checklist: I was interested to see what happened but I didn't give a shit about any of it. There were flashes of brilliance; I thought McAdams and Farrell especially made the most of what they were given but it was too little too late.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    Note to Nic P: When you're writing Frank's climactic scene in the desert, the last thing you want is to bring to mind Heisenberg's "You're goddamn right" moment. Vince Vaughn is no Bryan Cranston, and aping the visual style of Breaking Bad in that scene was an awful choice. 
  • Anyone else see the crow head on the billboard off the highway?

    Glad Ray was really the father and expected that was case after they made such a big deal about it. 

    Frank's desert scene was great. Probably one of the top moments of the season. 

  • After all I think the ending feels forced. They just kill off nearly anyone. Holloway, the Birdman guy... I mean, how many ppl got killed this season? Ridiculous. I am cool with the bad ending, with the promise that all continues like it used to be. But the thought of all the carefully placed stuff, all the hintings, sub plot lines that got forgotten and completely dropped on the course is really saddening for me.
    Paul's backstory abruptly ends with his death. What happens to his mom and girl? I mean, Nic P spared us from a cry-out-loud scene and I am okay with that but this is definitely not very elegant.

    Lets take the stupid poster of the Australian theme park, seen in EP01. This was not a red herring, these things are easter eggs to me now. Like all the books in Ray's room. Get you the impression that Ray is maybe a really clever guy, which he wasn't in the end if you ask me. Why place all the philosophical and investigative books (Gomorrha from Saviano) if they are actually out of place? Why? Why so many details if they have not much meaning / foreshadowing at all?

    I think this season is a huge mashup of all the interesting thoughts Nic P collected in preparation of this show but they were not weeded out carefully. You can clearly see that he wanted this and wanted to include that but in the end he could not decide to concentrate on one big thing. Maybe the departure of an occult theme was a too sharp turnaround that could not be repaired in time.

    They have aesthetic scenes cinematically wise, they have fine lines, gritty action, nice actors, film noir ending.... but too much going on to keep it together. That is my first impression :)
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