Breaking Bad Cameos and Easter Eggs in Better Call Saul

This Thread could be used to talk about the intersections between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul in general. 
For example major Cameos like Tuco´s appearence in season 1, but also minor metions like that Mike talked about Pimento in Breaking Bad, too.

The specific reason why I opened this thread is Bryan Cranstons appearence in the Adam Carolla Show. I did not know about this show until I saw the Hashtag #CranstonOnACS, with which the Twitter-community was able to ask Bryan questions.
There have been not that much questions but I would guess like 80-100, but Adam Carolla asked him just 2 in the Show. Both have been questions that I tweeted (@medienkenner). The first one was, if he is still in regular contact with Aaron Paul, which he affirmed ("we are buddies").

But now the interesting part: The second question was, if there is anything new about a possible Cameo in season 2 of Better Call Saul and Bryan answered quite positive about that! He said (not exact wording, but paraphrased) "it has been discussed and is entirely possible if it comes natural and fits the story. I would love to work with those people again, I really miss it".

I think this sounds like it was really realistic and am excited in which way they could realise that appearence.

What do you think about it?

Chris from Germany
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