311 - Abiquiu

HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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Didn't see a post for this. Had a few observations that I wanted to share. 

Potentially Spoilers for rest of series so be warned,

1. The smoking of Jesse's girlfriends. They make a big deal of showing it. My observation is that Jesse is the cancer for these women and ultimate reason for their death.

2. When Walt goes to Gus' house for dinner we see a toy car in the background when he first enters. Does Gus have a family and kid? I don't remember him every mentioning this. 

3. What could have been if Gus and Walt were able to become close. Its not too far fetched to imagine they could run an empire together if Walt wasn't so paranoid. I personally think Gus was the type of person to make things work and have an amicable relationship. Especially with Mike's comments later in the series about how Walt couldn't just work with a good thing. 
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