Twin Peaks: Expectations for 2016

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Hey there,

Now that we're in September and heading into fall, I'm hoping that means we are more or less than a year away from the Twin Peaks revival.

I am aware that this may get pushed back to 2017 given Lynch's approach to filming the series this time around. That approach is Lynch planning to film the whole season as one long feature (this could be anywhere from 18 to 22 hours long), then chopping it up into episodes afterwards. That's a lot of filming and editing to be done in a year. Still, 2017 is not yet confirmed, so I'm holding out hope.

Fellow Twin Peaks fans, what are your expectations for Season 3? What would you like to see? What do you not want to see? What are your hopes and dreams for what should be a wild ride. Keep in mind a lot of our questions will probably be answered in Mark Frost's forthcoming novel of what's been happening in Twin Peaks since 1991, but it would still be fun to speculate.

1. I'm very curious how Lynch/Frost make the connections between the Lodge mythology of the series and the additional mythology presented by the prequel film and then build on that in the new series. I'm hoping for some new wild excursions into the lodges, more owls, more weird ambiguous happenings around that ring we saw in the movie.

2. Bob, Bob, Bob and more Bob. Frank Silva has been dead for 20 years now. But we've have seen plenty of recasting in our favorite shows - even in this one (at least from series to prequel film). I don't know how you do Twin Peaks without Bob. I'm expecting an imaginative recast for this guy.

3. Bobby Briggs - Since the actor who played Major Garland Briggs is dead, I would love to see Bobby grow up and follow in his father's footsteps. Maybe he's an even higher ranked officer in the Air Force now - like Colonel, and possibly has taken on the government's investigations into the whole lodge phenomenon just like dad. I think that would be a nice touch.

4. Whatever happened to Audrey Horne? From what I read, she was never supposed to die in that cliffhanger (although I don't know how anyone would survive that). What if they have her survive, but she lost all of her limbs from the explosion? And for the last 25 years she's had to live an existence like her role in Boxing Helena. I don't think Sherilyn Fenn would agree to that, but the thought of it makes me laugh. Maybe she can be the current mayor of Twin Peaks. I would actually like to see one of the young characters from the old series end being mayor and other roles of leadership in town.

5. Who's Sheriff? I certainly wouldn't have a problem with Harry Truman staying on as an elderly sheriff, but how cool would it be if Hawk became sheriff after Truman finally retired a few years back?

6. Children of the children - I'd really like to see some of the young couples of the original series have kids who are now of high school or college age. That would give a very interesting dynamic to the show's history and where that universe is now. Not too much, I want this to be more focused than the OS, but a good balance would be nice. For instance, Bobby Briggs married Shelly after Leo got eaten alive by the spiders. Now in middle age, Bobby has to deal with all the same rebelliousness of his own son that he had dished out to his father.

7. What happened to Sarah Palmer? If you're a Ray Donovan fan, you know that Grace Zabriskie is alive and well and kicking ass on the aforementioned show. I'd love to see her reprise Sarah Palmer as the elder wise widow in town. She could be an aid in helping us unfold the further mysteries in town - kind of like she did in the last episode when she channeled a message from the Black Lodge to Major Briggs.

8. Prequel Agents - I know and understand why this may not be a popular idea, but I would love to see a return of the two other FBI agents who disappeared in Fire Walk With Me - Chet Desmond and Philip Jeffries. I really think bringing these characters back would help in enriching the universe's mythology. Oh who am I kidding? I just want to see David Bowie and Chris Isaak in this show. Make it happen, Lynch and Frost.

9. And of course, the question that's been on all our minds since 1991:



  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    Any chance they can bring all 3 of these ladies back? 

  • @Frakkin T God, we loved mom jeans and big hair in the 90's :) Although the three of them look gorgeous regardless.

    Twin Peaks is one of those shows that I have started around 3 seperate times and never finish. I am glued for the first season, but my interest soon peeters out mid second. But i am very, very interested in the new show, if for anything because it's the first thing David Lynch has done in YEARS. So, i need to just get in there and finished the second season! 
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    @aberry89 Funny thing is I remember that being a really hot RS cover but they all look so dated now
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
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    @aberry89 It also took me a few tries to make it through the second season, but I definitely recommend sticking with it as there's some great stuff toward the end, when Lynch is back at the helm. I'm very excited to see what he does with this new season. I still can't believe they aired the season 2 finale on network tv. Really bizarre, scary stuff.

    I have no expectations or desires really, except that I hope it stays creepy and weird. And since Lynch is directing all of it this time around, I have no worries on that front. I also hope they use the 25-year gap to great effect. What an opportunity.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    Its really amazing how perfect everything has fallen into place - Lynch being able to direct, most of the original cast returning, and of course, the 25 year prophecy thing :)

    Yeah, I have no opinions except, keep it Lynch-ey, that's ALL i want :)

  • Frakkin T said:

    @aberry89 Funny thing is I remember that being a really hot RS cover but they all look so dated now

    @Frakkin T  Its the mom jeans  :)  and the awkward hand placemnts 
    Frakkin T
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
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    aberry89 said:

    Frakkin T said:

    @aberry89 Funny thing is I remember that being a really hot RS cover but they all look so dated now

    @Frakkin T  Its the mom jeans  :)  and the awkward hand placemnts 
    Sad but true. According to IMDB Sherilyn Fenn is the only one of the three confirmed to be in the reboot but Boyle and Amick are just rumored at this point. However, CROSSOVER ALERT! Madchen Amick is going to be in American Horror Story Hotel this year...

    I loved TP back in the day but I haven't revisited it since the mid-90s except an episode here and there. If it's half as good as I remember I'm gonna love it all over again when I finally see it. 
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    aberry89 said:

    @Frakkin T God, we loved mom jeans and big hair in the 90's :) Although the three of them look gorgeous regardless.

    Twin Peaks is one of those shows that I have started around 3 seperate times and never finish. I am glued for the first season, but my interest soon peeters out mid second. But i am very, very interested in the new show, if for anything because it's the first thing David Lynch has done in YEARS. So, i need to just get in there and finished the second season! 
    @aberry89 That midseason 2 decline is really rough. Lynch kind of jumped ship after being forced by ABC to reveal Laura's killer. He would still make some script changes and appear as his character Gordon Cole in some episodes, but they really let the train ride off the rails. It's such a shame. The Post-Laura era really had a lot of potential. They could have focused on chasing Bob and really delve into exploring the Lodge mythology, but they don't fully do this until the finale.

    It's worth watching as there are some gems in there like David Duchovny's character and it's always fun to watch the Gordon Cole character.

    As far as casting goes, Madchen Amick recently tweeted that she's happy to back in her blue RR uniform. It's nothing official, but it's something.

  • I don't think there isn't a ton of love for Psych on this board, but they did a really great homage episode called Dual Spires that featured a few people from the original cast (Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, the Log Lady, and a handful of other people who played lesser characters on the show). It turns into a fun game of count the references and is just a fun hour of television if you enjoy Psych at all (particularly the very end is a lot of fun). I just happened to watch it last night and figured I would toss it out there.
  • @Travis That's actually the only episode of Psych I've ever watched. I loved it. I'd watch more of Psych, but I haven't had the time. I really enjoyed all the cameos and references. I saw it was co-written by James Roday and I really got a feel for his love of the show. I thought Sheryl Lee was the funniest of the TP alumni.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    @AntManBee ;If I was going to pick only one episode to have seen, that's a really solid choice. I liked Sheryl Lee a lot in it too. That whole scene at her office was really fun. I also liked Ray Wise quite a bit (he pops up a couple of times over the course of the show). He wasn't on TP of course, but I also really like the blind photographer guy (I liked him on Fringe a lot too). Psych is great. It is what it is, but it's really great at being that thing. If you ever do get the time Season 2 is the best season. Season 1 is definitely good, but it was kind of finding its footing, and I like the whole run of the show (though it did start to become kind of hit and miss towards the end), but my wife and I were talking about it the other night and I think 3 of my top 5 episodes are from 2. It's true though, I love how much it translates that they totally love Twin Peaks in the episode.

    I'm pretty psyched that James Roday has a movie that he co-wrote and directed coming out sometime in the fall or winter called Gravy. I guess it's a dark comedy/horror flick. I'm guessing it's either not going to theater or only in very limited release, but hopefully it'll hit the streaming services pretty quick. It looks really fun from everything I've read.

  • @Travis Thanks for that direction. I'll have to give seasons 1 and 2 a good binge at some point this fall. It looks like a lot of fun. I did hear about Ray Wise appearing in other episodes. I'll keep an eye out for Gravy.
  • Im hoping David Duchovny make's an appearance at some point
  • DaveyMac said:

    Catherine Coulson (AKA 'Log Lady') just died of cancer.

    This is devastating.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Would love a bald move time warp watch/podcast
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    There was another podcast that did a rewatch of the series. One viewer was a lifelong fan, the other was a newbie. It was very condescending and annoying. I'd love a Bald Move take on the series. Especially as a ramp up to the new season.
  • @Garthgou81 What was the name of the podcast?

    If you want a really good non-BM podcast, check out 'Sparkwood and 21'. I thought they did a very good job of it.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Thanks! Good to know.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Also its funny that they just released a Blu-Ray set of the series and prequel movie called "The Entire Mystery" on the cusp of a new season being released. I am certainly not complaining, because the set kicks complete ass. Just amusing is all.
  • @Garthgou81 Yeah, I'm not sure how far back Lynch and Frost were planning this revival, but you're right. Looking back on it now, it's all very convenient. I do love the box set though. It's a pet peeve of mine when things keep getting rereleased and rereleased in new packages every few years. However I was happy to get my hands on "the Missing Pieces".

    What was the name of the podcast you didn't like?
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    "Fire Talk With Me". A good name at least.
  • Just saw this article and figured I would post it. A "new" promo ran before the Homeland premiere. Its just old footage so you really dont need to see it. But the article says 2017 via Mark Frost

    Also, Sparkwood and 21 is a great cast! I caught on late but I only watched Twin Peaks for the first time earlier this year so I didnt know it existed. Steve and @Emmelyne are great and seeing how I didnt remember jack shit, it was great to hear them put stuff together and have off camera info that I would not have known otherwise
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    @Jovial_Falcon Thanks. So now 2017 is definitely official. Looks like I was premature with this thread after all. Oh well.

    And I had no idea the poster Emmelyne was the same Em from No Ship Network. I'm going to start listening to some of their other podcasts, because I really like what they do.
  • @AntManBee They are doing an Ashvs Evil Dead Cast. They are also doing a sort of live watch cast of the Evil Dead movies. You can listen along with the MP3 and watch the movie. They just released Evil Dead 2 one a week or two ago. Good stuff for sure.

    I started on their Vikings cast then moved on to their Penny Dreadful one. Always a fun time for sure
  • @Jovial_Falcon Yeah, Evil Dead and Penny Dreadful are the two I definitely plan on listening to.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    New promo!
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Garthgou81 Holy crap, that Bob face made me jump!
  • Just to add, it had a phenomenal soundtrack for a TV show back then...I believe 'Falling' even made into the charts over here in the UK at the time...
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    New teaser was just released...

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