What is going on here?!

(Pt. 1/2)

It's not that I expected more from this show, in fact, it is exceeding my expectations of hilarity. I don't expect it to get all of the technical details right; feel free to pump a break-action shotgun until your little heart's content. This is not to say "I can do better", but rather- it feels almost plausible that people are 'praising' another show of the same name that airs on AMC Sundays at 9:00pm EST that I'm not privied to, like I'm 'not in the club'.

This 'riot' is painful. I get it: budget constraints probably limit them to open-call volunteers- and I'm not expecting the first 15 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan". However, it seems like they cast a wide net through a bunch of coffee houses, "Florence & the Machine" and "My Chemical Romance" concerts, and a couple bike shops to find some people to wear leather, hoodies, and handkerchiefs, put on backpacks and aimlessly run to nowhere with their hands waving side to side in the air.

I just decided I'm not going to do this point by point actually. I don't really care enough. I'd just like to add this  ... I get it: zombies are not a part of the folklore of this world. Great! Humans are inherently interested in understanding "Why?". (which I guess is the rationale for me writing this about something I detest...!?) If we don't know, we ask questions. If something happens, we are curious to comprehend. We're born searchers.  This world has iPhones, and they have the internet, so don't tell me they don't have a Googlish search engine where SOMEBODY could try to figure out:

"What is going on?"

"Is it safe?"

"Where is it safe?"

"What are other people doing to stay safe and protect themselves?"

"I just saw a guy eat a dog and I'm in need of some serious eyebleach- can you show me some cat videos?"

"What should we do to stay safe and protect ourselves?"

"Mr. Government, what do you and Uncle Sam recommend?"

"Will this apocalypse cancel the Autolux concert, and will Stubhub be refunding my tickets since my boyfriend got bit by a lunatic, or nah? Also, I hope Autolux doesn't break up since they are my favorite band, I know this isn't a question but I just wanted to make things clear, OK? "

(too long, I'll have to finish below...!)



  • (Pt. 2/2)

    in the name of Jesus Checkers-Table-Flippin' Christ has nobody turned
    on the news (...aside from the ONE clip that went 'viral', that same
    event that conveniently was witnessed first hand by two main
    characters...)???? They have televisions, yet, they don't turn it on,
    even for background noise while crushing up an Oxy.

    neighbor just ate our other neighbor, let's sit in the living room
    shining flashlights out the window while "SHHHH!"ing people to be
    quieter- but don't you dare turn on the boobtube, those talking heads

    of Alicia, in Episode Two, she was chatting on her phone and when her
    Mother came to check on her, Alicia proceeded to copp a 'tude and close
    her bedroom. Why add this scene other than to reinforce what we already
    know- (teenagers are arrogant, angsty, and self-absorbed in this world
    just like they are in ours) doing so lets us know that the phones were
    at least working then, and we are left to assume the internet is as
    well. This squashes any deadsplainers from defensively responding with
    the "all the conventional forms of communications stopped working
    because it was chaos and the switchboards and servers all went down
    because they need to be maintained and they weren't because it was chaos
    and there weren't any humans to maintain them because it was the
    apocalypse and it was chaos" argument.

    closest they've come was when, after killing his zombified drug-dealer
    friend, a jonesing addict briefly flipped through radio stations to no
    avail while sandwiched in a truck cab between his mother and her
    partner, who had come to pick him up from the 'crime scene'. Why haven't
    they superimposed subtitles while a character typed a text, a search,
    an email, etc? Am I to believe this wouldn't be a cheap, versatile,
    quick way to further a plot and provide context?

    cable network and the award-winning show runners of a multi-million
    dollar primetime series have unveiled this as a final, finished product,
    and I'm not sure what to make of this. Does this speak to the
    intelligence of the target audience, actual or perceived? Is this really
    what people want, or is this more about what AMC's marketing research
    indicates the people want?

    I missing the point of the purpose of this show? Is this not supposed
    to give us another side of the 'beginning'? Is this not just a retelling
    of the original show; repurposing similar conflict dynamics through
    similar enough characters being portrayed by less talented actors (for
    the most part)?

    need to be told how to waste my spare time, so could I please have some
    more people tell me: "If you don't like the show, don't watch! This
    show is excellent, you don't understand it!"
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Wait, seriously, Barbershop pumps the shotgun?  Oh my god, I'm off Team Barbershop, haha.
  • Wait, seriously, Barbershop pumps the shotgun?  Oh my god, I'm off Team Barbershop, haha.

    Yes. They over-dubbed a fake sound effect and made a pumping action with their hands.
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