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Just curious... Who else out there is an engineer?


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    You mean like driving a train and wearing overalls engineer?
  • Non overalls wearing soils engineer here
  • mike_kmike_k Sunnyvale CA
    Not the overalls kind, the kind that reads xkcd
  • Wouldn't consider myself a software engineer but I was a full-stack web developer before I got into the podcasting game.

    Out of curiosity, what does a "soils engineer" do? @Professor_P
  • I can't imagine what a soil engineer would be doing in Colorado nowadays. 
    Frakkin Tmike_k
  • We do a lot of soils stability testing and analysis so foundations don't heave or settle. I got bored just writing that sentence!
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
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    I don't consider software engineers real engineers. We're getting there, as no doubt many people die when certain software engineers don't do their jobs properly, but until we mature to the point where we have standards and tests and certifications (real ones, not the marketing crap put out by companies selling products) we're more or less playing games with toy train sets, haha.
  • Was a software engineer in my past - but - agree with others - not really any engineer.  Now a PMP - also not an engineer.
  • I tried to break into audio engineering about a decade and change ago, but I doubt you mean tracking and mixing, and the money ran out in the intern phase before I was able to break into it anyways.

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