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    Shum said:

    Yeah, any year one mission will only give you year one rewards. I've found the strike playlists to be the fastest way to level up until you're raid ready.

    But shouldn't the rewards be at least the same level as the mission itself?
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    I agree, but the end of mission rewards are entirely hard coded.  Not just level, but class, perks, everything.  And they only drop once.  The idea is they're good weapons to drop for the mission at the level you're "supposed" to be, and they gradually introduce you to the different weapons, damage types, perks, and so one so you're encouraged to try them all.  

    Same thing with the year one golden chests, I waited until well after I was max level to go around collecting them, and everything on Earth was level 1-3, everything on the Moon was level 4-7, haha.  Not sure why Bungie doesn't update these each expansion, but they don't.

    I will say everytime I play through the classic campaign with a new character, I get so excited when the Tax Mallus III scout rifle drops.  It used to be damage 99, not sure what it is on light, but sweet jesus I still contend that's the best scout rifle in the game.  But it's green bullshit so once you get to level 16 or so it's time to put it away for a blue.  Except in the crucible.

    Anyway, you might want to hold on to the Stranger's Rifle.  1) It's a fantastically balanced weapon, and great for the crucible, 2) a lot of people superstitiously believe it will be a pre-requisite for a later exotic weapon in the future.   Although, it's not like Bungie to execute 2 and not give you a way to re-acquire the weapon, which is why I say it's superstitious.  Lots of Destiny players are superstitious.  I played with a whole fucking raid of grown men and women going to orbit, sacrificing goats, and sprinkling chicken blood around to ward off supposed glitches we were NOT encountering, ahem @TonyDeth.

    The engrams that drop randomly during the mission themselves, should drop current level gear.  

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