Scream Queens anyone?

I tagged this AHS because it's another Ryan Murphy joint starring Emma Roberts. It's much lighter and more intentionally funny than AHS but it still brings the gore and horror. Emma Roberts is brilliant as Chanel, the queen bee of the sorority. She has a scene in a coffee shop that is one of the funniest "horrible customer" scenes I've ever witnessed. 

Anyone else catch it?


  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.

    I got it on the DVR, I don't know if and when I'll watch it.

  • My wife and I checked it out last night and had a whole lot of fun with it. I really hope they can maintain it. Who'd a thunk that someday I would be typing "I really enjoyed Nick Jonas in that" on a message board, but here we are. I also enjoyed Neicy Nash (I've always thought she was funny) and JLC.

    "Why you got a knife in your neck?!"

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    @Travis Proud to say I have no idea who Nick Jonas is or which character he played. I did like Neicy Nash a lot, but the other really funny scene is when Ariana Grande is tweeting her cry for help as she is being murdered. It would have been stupid if it wasn't so over-the-top absurd.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    @Frakkin T Agreed about the Ariana Grande scene. I thought that whole scene played really fun. I liked that after the "wanna dance with the devil" that he quickly spun and dipped her. That was a good little chuckle. That whole thing could have been a total disaster, but I liked the way they executed it. You're right, it was the total absurdity of the whole thing. That was the key.

    You're a lucky man about the Jonas thing. He was in a Hanson-esque Disney pop group a few years back. My sister and niece were really into them.

  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
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    The tone of this project is a little all over the place, but as it's supposed to be campy, I'll leave it be.

    Odd, different. It's funny that this comes on the heels of MTV's Scream, since they are so similar to one another.
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    This is an interesting article about Trump: TL;DR:Trump skates above the fray and seems untouchable because his opponents think it's a boxing match but Trump thinks it's professional wrestling. It's not a strategy to win a race, it's a certain level of energy and a series of moments where the feeling is more important than the reality. 

    I mention it here because i think Ryan Murphy is like that. AHS is by no means a chess match. It's sloppy plotting and careless character work BUT he knows how to create these moments that can be horrifying or hilarious or both. You have to let him off the hook because of the rule of cool and because he's not pretending to make prestige drama. It's pulpy.
  • lippylippy Australia
    Did anyone watch episode 3? I loved The Dickie Dollar Scholars roaming the streets drunk at night with baseball bats looking for the red devil to fight while Back Streets Back by The Backstreet Boys played. In fact any scene with Chad or the frat boys is gold. 

    I saw someone on the internets speculate that the child of the dead KKT girl 20 years earlier is actually Chad, hence his mommy issues and weird attraction to death and corpses. Even though we suspect the baby to be Grace, also can they stop making Grace wear hats, i hate it. I don't really care about her character, she could be the next to go and it wouldn't bother me. Which is bad because she is kind of meant to be the main character we identify with, or at least that was my interpretation.

    Also does anyone else suspect that Gigi the chapter president is the girl holding the baby next to the bath tub from 20 years ago, or am i just stating the obvious? She seems nice and wants to change the sorority for the better, also that comment about her therapist saying she dresses from the 90s because of a traumatic experience.

    I'll be tuning in next week, how about you guys, still enjoying it? Any theories on who the red devil's are, we know Nick Jonas is one. Are there more than two, are they all working together, or are people using it as an opportunity to bump someone they don't like off?

    RIP Coney 2015
  • RIP Coney, indeed. I loved his scene wandering through campus though. That was awesome. The one thing that I thought would have been funny is if the killer kept changing with the school mascot, just so that we could now have a version of Coney murdering people for an episode or two, but I could also see that getting too over the top pretty quick.

    I'm totally in. It could certainly all fall apart, but they're off to a really great start and I'm having a total blast with it.

    As far as predictions go, I think they're weaving such a bizarre and ridiculous web that it could honestly be anybody doing anything. Grace was kinda, sorta ruled out to be the baby (too young) and I think they will stick with that. I could see it being Chad (fucking amazing character by the way), but I could just as easily see it being any of the Chanels, Boone, the reporter, or really anybody. One thing that comes to mind would be if it was Gigi and Boone working together. I'm curious where this lead about the person who they think is the girl holding the baby will go. Either way, for me this show is all about the characters. You're right. I totally loved the Dickie Dollar Scholars bit.

    Basically, I love how much of Heathers is in the show. They're really pulling it off. It's super fun.

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