The Official "Welcome" Thread

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I'm going to be cleaning up the official pages here pretty soon.  What do we need?  Does anyone on the XBOX side of the divide want to step forward and make a Microsoft clan?
I'm going to make Thursday my official raid/nightfall/whatever night, but we can host some schedules for other activities and to cater to other people's schedules.  We have a great group of guys and gals playing now, the more the merrier!


  • TonyTony Harrisburg,Pa.
    Anyone in here feel free to add me. My psn is tonydeth. We have a regular group of guys A_Ron included. We aren't pros but we are decent and we like to joke a bit and have fun. If you need help getting into events like raids or nightfall strikes make sure to let your baldmove clan mates know. You won't need to resort to lfg sites or feel locked out of content. The more members we can get the better.
  • Cool! I just joined up... I'm brand new to the game (just got the PS4 bundle) but loving it so far. I played a lot of Halo back in the day and this is bringing back some fun memories.
    I'm up to level 29 / 150 light and have just been running some lvl 20 strikes lately.. not sure how useful I'll be for a little bit but I'd love to give the first 2 raids a shot if anyone is planning to run them at some point.
    PSN ID is EB4815. Looking forward to playing!
  • Hi Guys,

    New bald move club member here, and occasional Destiny player.  I know this thread is little stale, but feel free to add my on PSN:  Nickplaya


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