Z Nation

I watched the first show of Z Nation and shut it off about 20 minutes in. Thought it was absolutely stupid. Then i decided to give it a re-do, now im on episode 10 and like it alot. Its still stupid, the acting sucks, but its so ridiculous that i want to see what happens. Think Sharknado kind of stupid and apply it to zombies.

What are your opinions on this show?


  • Its low budget and gets better as it season goes on!!! if you think the walking dead has filler episodes you havnt see Z nation's fillers!!!! it makes the walking deads look action packed lol
  • I think Z Nation is a really good show. It does have pretty good writers and the acting is not bad. I enjoyed the season finale, maybe even better than I did for TWD.
  • i've really enjoyed this show - except when it tries to get serious. but i don't expect much of it either. :-)
  • @hypergenesb‌ Did you see the finale? I thought it was done rather well myself.
  • @John_Nada‌ I did see it. I enjoyed it. I'm not exactly sure how they are going to outrun a nuke, but otherwise, it was fun. ;-)
  • Yes @hypergenesb‌ I actually can't wait to see that one...oh and what is up with Murphy?
  • I'm really enjoying this show. It's just a lot of fun - like watching a typical low budget zombie flick on a weekly basis. I love the solo guitar score. It really adds a lot to the show and brings a real gritty feel. It reminds me of Neil Young's score for Dead Man back in 1995.

    My favorite episode so far was the one with Addy and her boyfriend and all those crazy dream sequences. It was driving me nuts until the end. I thought the payoff was great.

    As hypergenesb says above, who knows how they'll out run the nuke, but we'll see what happens next year.
  • Im going to say it right here, Z Nation was better than this 1/2 season of TWD
  • @FriggingNutCase‌ you got that right. I will second that.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Hmm I gave it up after two episodes, should I try it again? I do love NIght of the Living Dead lol.
  • @Elisa‌ the writing is very good, the characters are interesting, its just a fun show that doesn't take anything too serious. I watched the first couple and almost gave up because I thought it was stupid, once I realized the corniness was intentional I appreciated the show and breezed through the rest of the season. Its worth a second look imo
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    ZNation S1 coming to Netflix Jan 9th :#
  • @Elisa‌ it is worth another try...especially uninterrupted on Netflix. I will rewatch.
  • goreshdegoreshde Minneapolis
    The first half of season 1 was rough, but I love zombies so I stuck with it. The second half was really good. It turned a corner around the time of a very unexpected death mid way through. It was great all the way through out except for a super painful bottle episode.
  • JohnnieDarkJohnnieDark South Florida
    nah i was out after the episode where the chic was sat down in the middle of a tornado and started reminiscing about her husband then the tornado left and she was still there.
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