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Hey guys, I know y'all are crazy experienced guardians but I wonder if you can help a noob out--I got the legendary edition and I am loving it. My lv9 Hunter is good to go--there are a lot of story missions and I know the DLC will unlock as I gain higher levels. However, my boosted-to-25 warlock doesn't seem to have much to do. When I look at the destinations I can set, everything is way below my level except the current Taken King mission. Do I just lose  out on playing the original story and the 2 DLCs?  It seems like kind of a waste to instantly boost a character and then make 90% of the whole game unplayable because I've leveled past it. 

Also, I've done mainly solo stuff first because I don't want to embarrass myself the first time I play. How is the community? If I jump into a raid or a strike with a bunch of randos, is everyone pretty cool? Online co-op has always seemed a bit of a crapshoot for me--L4D was less fun because of the "vote to kick player" feature and Borderlands sucked because people got greedy and weren't interested in the team goals. How is Destiny in that regard?


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    The year one content is unlocked and available. Using the consumable to get to level 25 is really a boost to help you catch up to all of us at a faster rate. You can go through all the year one content if you want to experience the "story", but honestly there really isn't much of one. As far as multiplayer goes you should just get out there do some strikes,meet new people, friend some of us in the forum. Most of us are on quite a bit. Get on bungie.net and join the baldmove Destiny clan. If you need help with something just send a message or jump in one our party chats.
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    Thanks Tony but it seems the clan is ps4 and I am xbox360--I'll have to scour the other thread for other xbox baldmovers and join up w them
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    The year one campaign is fun, and there is a story, a really compelling one imo, you just have to search the Grimoire and pay attention to the cut scenes, which nobody does.

    I'd do the year one story in the hunter and just dive right into TTK on that warlock. You'll probably face being under leveled eventually, since I think the end of campaign stuff is level 38/ light level 240+ stuff. At which point you can do vanguard strikes and crucible until you're where you want to be.

    Strikes are matchmade, and they do alright for me. Everyone in a while somebody will leave, and you have to two man or solo some of it, but it isn't really too bad.

    There's also reddit.cim/r/fireteams which is good for matchmaking the raids and nightfall, it's probably the best, most community minded service of its type. For raids there is also /r/destinysherpas, where experienced Raiders look to take a team of noobs through the vault of glass, and crota's end.
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    I'm doing mostly solo now, and putting some time in at the Crucible. I am also unreasonably excited to find Xur for the first time; got a few Strange Coins burning a hole in my pouch.
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