Episode 602 - 'Tchaikovsky'

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S6 – E2  Tchaikovsky

Directed by Matthew Rhys

Written by Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberg



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  • I was hoping to get more 'likes'
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    I was hoping to get more 'likes'
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  • Elizabeth is on a kill per episode pace, and she might just be ramping up.
  • the final season is on fire. feels like they have entirely purged that S5 slump and are rolling this ball downhill with incredible precision and force. 
  • While I still enjoyed the episode, I thought there was a bunch of dead time within it.  Unless they're going somewhere with Phillip working in a legit travel agency, do we really need to spend time with him and Stavos or having Henry call him so they can discuss what happened with the client?  If it's the writer's way of showing us that maybe Phillip isn't entirely satisfied with being "out" and this is what starts to draw him back in, then maybe but I kind of see Phillip turning into Cutty from The Wire and how "the game ain't in me no more".  Although, I'm sure Phillip is going to get somewhat involved in trying to stop, or at least learn what Elizabeth is actually up to.  So, Phillip isn't totally out.

    As for Elizabeth and Paige, tonight's episode just verified to me that this Paige becoming an agent/spy is just nonsense.  That type of life is not for Paige.  She has too much of a kind heart to do the things that Elizabeth does or has done.  If Elizabeth really wanted to Paige involved, then she would have told her the truth right away about using sex as leverage and that sometimes you do have to kill someone.  I just don't see any of this ending well for Paige and really don't like the direction of the character.

    Also, maybe someone can remind me, what was the deal with Stan and that Russian couple?  What information are they getting out of the guy?  I kind of remember Stan helping out the wife (think they said her name was Sophia or Sofia) last season in an effort to leverage her somehow but don't recall the details.  Instead of what Stan was doing today, I was really hoping that we'd see more from him and going to see Oleg.  But I guess that will happen later.

    Lastly, we were suppose to know that Elizabeth knew that guy from the State Department or is that something that happened off screen between seasons?  Guessing it's the latter.  Funny how with hindsight they're talking about Reagan becoming "senile" when it actually was Alzheimer's.

  • Dochielom I am on the same page as you with just about everything.  This is such a good show, but the Paige storyline has always been a weak point to me and not making sense in how people would act in the real world.  The fact that Paige accepts the situation and is even going along with being a spy never really rang true to me.  And how out-of-touch is Elizabeth to not tell Paige more of the dirty details already and then to lie about it?  Paige may be a bit naive but obviously she is smart and she is figuring things out.  And she is not a great spy as we have seen this season.  At least not yet, and she is working on some important cases.  Obviously Elizabeth has a blind spot for her daughter but would Claudia be unaware of how dangerous this all is?  And poor Paige, if her parents are found out she is no longer an innocent American like Henry, and could be prosecuted. 

    And poor Paige having to wear those Jordache pleated jeans and shoulder pads:)

    It does seem like Philip is spinning his wheels so far this season.  Seems like he could almost not have been in this episode and it wouldn't have changed much.  That will likely change though in future episodes.  He is a great contrast to the strung out and frazzled Elizabeth.  Philip looks healthy and well this season. Kudos to both for great performances.  

    For the Russian couple the FBI was working them for information last season and they are paid FBI informants.  They were looking for people farther outside of the Rezidentura and KGB, and Sofia was one of the only people who took the bait.  I think it is safe to say she is a pretty low-level informant. She just tells them what is going on in her office I think.  The guy is a courier and has been giving the FBI access to the materials he is transporting. They were both a bit dodgy and it was not totally clear that they were not just working the FBI for some cash last season.  Stan was worried Sofia would turn out to be another innocent victim.  I got a bit confused by the bathroom scene in this episode and what exactly was going on there.  Was the  guy in the next stall X-raying the bag to get pictures of what was inside?   Was kind of a loud machine for a super secret deal like that. 

    Looking forward to more episodes - hoping for a satisfying ending

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