The 100 season 5

I know there has been a couple threads on The 100 but they go back a few years. I just wondered if anyone out there was still watching and what you think?

I just watched the 2 episodes of the new season (5) and I still really like it. I thought it would start to decline by now but I still love it as much as ever. I love what they are doing with Clark and Octavia and Octavia is my favorite character personally. 

Everything else they have have set up seems interesting too, I’m excited to see it play out now that there has been a time jump.  Aside from season 3 and not even all of that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good this show is.


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I’m watching S4 on Netflix trying to catch up.  I kinda fell off track but I really am enjoying getting back into this crazy ass world. 
  • I’m glad I didn’t drop any spoilers then  :)

    Yeah it’s definitely crazy. I like that there isn’t any filler or stupid action scenes, like the action scenes may be far fetched at times and happen nonstop but they aren’t cheesy and filmed/edited poorly.  
  • I'm still watching against my better judgment and despite the deep betrayal of s3. The first half of 501 was straight up torture porn but I liked the second half. I'm behind one episode but an hour all about Octavia? I'm in. 
  • Elisa said:
    I’m watching S4 on Netflix trying to catch up.  I kinda fell off track but I really am enjoying getting back into this crazy ass world. 
    Time for a banishment :p
  •  I'm behind one episode but an hour all about Octavia? I'm in. 
    And of course she rocked it IMO 

    Let me know what you think when you see it.
  • Starts this Wednesday on e4. I'm gonna save a bunch of episodes and go from there 
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    That was another tense episode. I liked it and I’m glad to see some of our survivors meeting back up.  I’m not sure I’m feeling this girl Clark is hanging around with though. Her character keeps shifting between fragile (Teenish?) girl and badass warrior. Hopefully they figure it out soon because for now she just seems to be whatever the plot calls for...I don’t like that part. 
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    I noted out early in Season 4. All that noble intent foiled by one misunderstanding after another. For me, it got old. Shit happens, someone hammers out a compromise, someone else fucks it up, shit happens. Lather, rinse, repeat. I used to be a fan. Maybe I'll give it another try. 
  •  While on the throne, early in episode 4, this was first time I ever thought Octavia’s character was kind of cheesy. Then when they hit the closeups and she got some dialogue going I was thinking that’s better, there’s my girl.

    I thought this was another great episode. There’s a interesting war brewing. All the stories are clicking for me. I’m still all in. 
  • Episode 5- That was obnoxious! They need to get the sound fixed, the talking is way too low and the action too loud. I noticed it last week but thought it was my TV or the on demand but I watched on a different TV through amazon this time..same issue and they’re talking way too fast in certain parts. I couldn’t even keep up with subtitles at times. 

    Aside from the sound issues the episode wasn’t great but I can deal with one bad(ish) episode out of 5.  
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Just got caught up and I think this is the best season since 2. Lots of addition by subtraction.

    Seemed like they lost any sense of what grounders were after that season, and they'd make them more or less civilized as needed. Never felt to me like the show had a good handle on their culture, and I wasn't a big Lexa fan. Anyway, most of that culture is gone now, or at least incorporated into that of the main characters, and I think it serves the main characters better. 

    Jaha being dead is a big plus, honestly. 

    I liked Ivana Milicevic from Banshee, and she's been great. 

    I'm a little confused about the fighting pits. Were they initiated because of the food shortage? Didn't seem that way early in the season, though I'm fuzzy on those first couple of episodes already.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Yes the fighting pits were to install fear and allegiance to Octavia, keep everyone distracted and entertained and to weed out people due to food shortages and use losers as food aka cannabalism. 

    I also dropped it cause cause I got tired of the repetitive plot. But realized it is what it is, I enjoy the characters and it’s good summer viewing. FYI it will be on Netflix in August. 
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    That last

    I kept wondering what they all seemed so traumatized about when referring to this “dark year” all season and now that I finally know, yikes! No wonder they all seem so fucked up.

    I haven’t got tired of the plot yet but I’m curious where they go from here next season assuming there is a war and some type of truce is made by the end of the season.  

    Will it all be about internal conflict and civil war within the valley? Or some type of new environmental threat they all must overcome (again?) IDK if that will be enough to sustain me. 
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