4.03 Something Beautiful

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Written by Gordon Smith
Directed by Daniel Sackheim
Cinematography by Marshall Adams
Edited by Skip Macdonald

This episode comes from the same writer & director team – Smith & Sackheim – that brought you 3x05 “Chicanery.” 
4.03 Coverage on Heisenberg Chronicles. 


  • Honestly if I were Nacho I might’ve just let myself bleed the fuck out in that desert because fuck man, no way does it get better from there. 
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    I just read a quote from Rhea Seehorn that the cast is REAL and is really on her arm for as long as Kim Wexler has to wear it.  That's some kind of crazy commitment there.  Also, I find it really odd that the BCS writers have given us almost no info about Kim's history.  I hope they fill in the gaps soon.  As readily as she took to playing along with Jimmy as they scammed Ken the stockbroker (hello Giselle Saint Claire!), I have to wonder if she hasn't always been the goody goody she seems to be.

  • #whatthefuckchuck? Didn’t see that coming.
  • GeorgeGeorge Astoria, New York
    There was a reference to the pizza place that didn’t cut their pizzas in there during the delivery order.
  • HunkuleseHunkulese Québec, Canada
    I really don't get Kim's anxiety over the federal expansion. This is great news for her unless she hates the job. She's pretty much set up for life if things go well, and obviously, they're not expecting her to do all the lawyer stuff herself. At least she took the right step by hiring a paralegal and letting her do some busy work.
  • AjasAjas Seattle, WA
    Maybe I'm reading that last scene wrong-- but my take is Kim's distraught because she suddenly realized she let herself be used as the fulcrum by which these two antagonistic, but ultimately loving brothers escalated a war that left one committing suicide and the other one a sociopath.

    While *I* don't blame her, I can see how it's within her character to blame herself.  After all, the Jimmy she first met was perfectly happy working in the mail room at his brother's law firm.
  • Sooo we now know what Dollar Bill did in his past. What is witness protection coming to when you name the person Bill and their real name is Gil :/ 
  • I’ve driven in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. I haven’t encountered a desolate enough place when I’d feel good taking my sweet ass time staging a shootout in the middle of the day. . 
  • I do think it's interesting to note Kim's expressions in the final scene. The two biggest ones for me are when Jimmy reads the part about their mom being happy when Jimmy was being brought home, and when he reads the part about how nothing changes the fact that they are brothers. When gets to the part about their mom, she stops looking at the letter and starts studying Jimmy's face. If I were doing what she was doing, it would probably be because I wanted to see if Jimmy really was as unfazed by the words as he sounded. She also furrows her brow and gulps when Jimmy reads the part about how they are brothers. That was the start of the tears and it only got worse from there. To me, I think she mostly broken about how little Jimmy cares about the words from the brother she thought he loved. She's torn because she still respects Chuck, but loves Jimmy and he is the one currently being the shit. 

    I've also been going with the theory of Jimmy being happy that he was the one to kill Chuck, and his reading of the letter strengthens my thoughts. He perks up when Howard confirms that the insurance was the thing that did it and his whole mood changes after. Now he reads this letter and doesn't personalize any of it. He wasn't his brother, but was "The Man" that wrote the letter. He sees Kim crying and says it's a "great letter". Nothing meaningful, just words on paper put together well. 
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    How old do we think Chuck's letter to Jimmy is?  It really sounds like it might be Chuck's letter to mail room Jimmy, the Jimmy who is in the appropriate (low) place and didn't dare think of becoming a lawyer at the same firm as his brother.  That may be one reason Jimmy doesn't care too much about the letter, Jimmy knows that when it came down to it, Chuck didn't care about him much at all.  If that's the case, it suggests that the terms of the will might also be that old, and Jimmy wasn't ever getting much from Chuck.
  • So obviously one of those tested meth kits was Jesses and/or Krazy 8. The question is which one and who is the local dealer we are going to meet 
  • GeorgeGeorge Astoria, New York
    Gotta be Krazy 8, right?
  • Most likely. I don’t see Jesse playing s big part outside of a cameo or a few scenes with Krazy 8. I imagine K8 is the dealer and we will get a decent amount of him given there’s no limitations to his previous interactions before B.B. 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    When we first saw the burglar, did anyone else think Randy Quaid??
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    One of the Natterborn sent us this:

  • Bob Odenkirk on Conan tonight. Just FYI.
  • George said:
    There was a reference to the pizza place that didn’t cut their pizzas in there during the delivery order.
    "Don't sweat it. You got some, like, scissors? I will cut this bitch up good."
  • I really wish Gale had been like, "this one sample has chili powder in it".
  • Man, totally burned me with that hereditary spoiler!  Been avoiding anything related to that movie so hard and then suddenly during a better call Saul recap....
  • MichaelVCassidyMichaelVCassidy Harrisburg, Pa
    Man, totally burned me with that hereditary spoiler!  Been avoiding anything related to that movie so hard and then suddenly during a better call Saul recap....
    Same. Bummer 
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    Is it possible Mesa Verde and Los Pollos Hermanos will be linked at some point? In BB dont we find out Hermanos has a franchise in every state Mesa Verde plans to expand? it seems reasonable that with Gus's empire still in its infancy, it would eventually grow along with the expansion of Mesa Verde. Maybe We'll see the parallel take down of Mesa Verde along with that of Hermanos in a black and white cold open.
  • tmp15487 said:
    I really wish Gale had been like, "this one sample has chili powder in it".
    that would have been brilliant 
  • Yo, dudes, $1 slices in New York City are cheese slices. Millions of adults eating them. 
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
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    Good comment from the listener about Jimmy's behavior being addictive. As someone with some familiarity with gambling addiction, Jimmy definitely has the look. Misjudging risk, sacrificing large values in pursuit of smaller values and chasing wins rather than dealing with life's problems all fit the pattern, along with the lying and minimizing that's common to all addictions.

    But I have an additional take: Jimmy is processing his Chuck grief...like, really super badly.

    Chuck was dismissive of him. If the letter is sincere and predates Jimmy's law degree, his coldness comes from being reminded how little Chuck ultimately thought of him. That the Great Charles McGill was driven to suicide by Jimmy, then #FuckChuck or no #FuckChuck, Jimmy is thinking of himself as a huge piece of shit.

    So he has two impulses driving him to the Great Hummel Caper: I want to pursue my addiction so I can feel good and I'm a degenerate piece of shit who's no better than this. Chuck was right, so I might as well live that way, $4k at a time.

    You don't have to watch too many episodes of Intervention to see that both of those triggers can fire at once for an addict.
  • I was clicking around various links on WaPo and came across this and thought it was kinda funny, go to the 6th picture:

  • Yo, dudes, $1 slices in New York City are cheese slices. Millions of adults eating them. 
    This.... I think this cast may be known as the start of the great bald move pizza war of 2018. 

    A good slice of cheese pizza is the iznit. Sometimes the classics (cheese/pepperoni) just hit the right spot. Maybe it’s an NorthEast thing because cheese pizza and cheese slices are big here still. 

  • Man, totally burned me with that hereditary spoiler!  Been avoiding anything related to that movie so hard and then suddenly during a better call Saul recap....
    Thanks for the heads up. Stopped listening early due to this post  so I don’t get hit with the spoiler. 
  • Nothing new here, but I thought it was worth taking an inventory of all of the mentions (explicit or otherwise) of what I would call the south-central region of the Northern Plains.

    1. Jimmy of course lives in Omaha, NE post B.B.
    2. The company that Sandpiper was doing business with that made the class action a RICO case was in Lincoln, NE (approx. 45 minutes from Omaha). Jimmy actually says “Go Cornhuskers!” at the mention of this.
    3. Kim mentions that she was raised in a small town on the Kansas-Nebraska border (which could be as close as 90 minutes from Omaha).
    4/5. Kim is seen wearing a Kansas City Royals t-shirt; future Gene has a Kansas City Royals lunch sack (Kansas City, MO is 2.5 hours from Omaha).
    6. North Platte, NE, a town of only 24,000 people is one of the potential new Mesa Verde bank branch sites (North Platte is approx. 3.5 hours from Omaha).

    Did I miss any?

    Because a) the Villigang is too intentional about these sorts of details, and b) this area is approx. 800 - 900 miles away from the setting of the main plot (with no other obvious connection), it seems highly unlikely that this is all a coincidence. Vince and Peter are trying to say or do something here (I think); it’s just not obvious what.

    That said, at this point, I’d kind of be surprised if (barring an unexpected, premature cancellation) we don’t see Kim in some capacity in the black and white Gene days. Does anyone want to spot me some internet points to push into the middle of the table? We can split the winnings.
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