Spoiler - Lightbringer = Valyrian Steel Recipe

I wanted to share a theory I have that I am probably sure someone else has had, but I am not sure if its been posted here.
I think the story of Lightbringer could be the long lost recipe to create Valyrian Steel.  Maybe these blades demand a human sacrifice of or blood magic.  I believe the Valyrian Freehold had great excesses of slaves to supply for their blacksmiths with the required sacrifices.
I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on what that may mean for the final season if they come to the conclusion that more Valyrian weapons are needed or even a new Lightbringer, though it seems the show seems focused on dragon glass.


  • It's been a LONG time since I read any of the books.  I mean I plowed through them and then waited with bated breath for a good couple years before dropping RR like a bad habit, but I was definitely left with the impression that there was nothing really magical about Valyrian steel.  I mean, everyone knew where it came from, the volcanic ruins of Valyria or whatever, and it was just the best steel out there, right?
  • Good points Ken. I have not read the books at all so your guess is as good as mine. I guess I thought there was something magical because of two reasons. One is that they cannot make anymore of it. They don’t know how and can only reforge it. Also it seems to mess the white walkers up something awful and those beings are definitely magical. Anyways thanks for the reply !
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    The big problem I see with the story of lightbringer being the recipe to Valyrian steel is that the story of lightbringer is special and almost prophetic. If it was just a literal recipe then lightbringer isn’t actually special it would be the same as any other Valyrian steel sword. Also the person we have seen do the most blood magic, Melisandre, is also the one trying to recreate lightbringer and couldn’t do it, at least not for stannis. 
  • Yeah I had a thought that because Lightbringer was around so long ago it had a legend rise around its use making it more mythical and powerful than it really was. Maybe if it was just a Valyrian steel sword or the first one and people saw what it did to White walkers they embellished what it could do. Obviously all conjecture of course. I honestly have no idea if Lightbringee was around the last Long Night when the White Walkers were last repelled and Bran the builder built the Wall or if Lightbringer was even early than that. 
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